Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just for Girls!

With my mom in town and my sister Nikki's recent news of a move we decided to take advantage of a little R&R with no kids and no husbands! We headed to Palm Springs for some heat, pool time and just all around fun!
My mom got us a room at the Westin-they seriously have the best pools. These smoothies were not too shabby either. We did everything you can't do with kids. We slept in, lounged on rafts and read magazines by the pool.
Aren't my sister's and mom so gorgeous?!

That night we got mani's and pedi's, went shopping and then had dinner at Ruth's Chris. Oh my goodness my steak was SO good. It is not every day that I eat a steak and now I know why, because nothing compares to their steaks. We were spoiled...
Then we got cheesecake and a chocolate explosion; so amazing but we had never been so full in our lives.

Here are our cute toes and fingernails-we even talked my mom into pink and not a muted red! Big step! Nikki and I chose the same coral and blue for our toes. Very patriotic-don't you think?!
It was such a fun time together. Nothing like a good girls trip to bring you closer together and realize how much you love your family! We want to try and do this yearly which I am already looking forward to. Maybe next time we can get Carrie and Lindsay to come with not such a last minute trip. Thanks so much Mom & Dad for making this happen!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

San Diego County Fair

Nothing says "Summer" like the fair!
Camryn was so excited to go this year and thankfully Brenda was able to hook us up with free tickets and a bunch of our friends were able to come with us.
Camryn loved the pigs and chickens-everything else she was so scared of! Ever since we told her the story that Daddy rode a bull and fell off and the bull stepped on his legs, she hasn't been the same about animals especially cows. Oops-who would have thought? Such a tender little heart that girl.
The preggos! Lauren and I. Why we didn't do a belly shot I don't know but we are only a week apart and I am so glad I have someone to complain and waddle around with.
Our new and great friend Christian who was wife and childless this time around, Zak, Katie & Tim at the Pig Races
Our family of 3 for now
The guys even played some carnie games-Tim, love the tongue!

No one won of course but so fun to watch
The girls-love them
Ryan told Camryn she could have her own treat at the fair and she picked cotton candy. She would not let it go and asked about it every 2 minutes until she got it. She had no idea what it even was, but as soon as she got her hands on it she didn't wipe the cheesy grin from her face!
Most amazing funnel cake!!! It was mexican style so it was all a big churro-to die for!
Like father like daugther-although Ryan's favorite is to dip the cotton candy in his diet coke and then race to get it in his mouth before it dissolves. Yes, it is like I have 2 kids already.
The gang and my huge belly. I forgot I am supposed to put my hand below my belly so it doesn't look like I am about to give birth to triplets-you would think I would have the pose down the second time around.
We decided just as we were about to go home that we all needed to try the chocolate covered bacon. Chipped in a dollar and got a nasty cold morsel. I love Christian face! It was edible but I think it would have been way better if they served the bacon warm with chocolate drizzled on top.
But don't you worry that Camryn loved it. Anything remotely sweet has her name all over it. Such a fun night and I am so glad this is just the beginning of our summer's activities!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Visit

The Watson's came in town for the weekend right as school was getting out and Amy and I were so excited to have them! We visited the Mormon Battalion, ate good food and enjoyed playing outside with them. These cousins play so well together it is so fun and nice for us adults to be able to talk!
The girls getting their make-up done
The only horse we found that Camryn will actually ride

Carter is officially the youngest person to jump off of Ryan's parent's balcony-5 years old! Crazy boys!
On their last day we did Disneyland and when I say we did Disneyland-we really did. Camryn and I were there from 8-5! And the Watson's stayed all day 8-midnight! They were champs.
Such a good looking family-still can't believe how grown up these boys are. Such good helpers with the young cousins.
Watson's with most of the Atherly's
Cute Mother/Son Picture- Nikki is standing there like Dylan needs her there, too bad he doesn't anymore!
Cute Emma face
Since we were there all day we were able to take advantage of seeing the Princess Show and doing the Princess walk. It was so cute they get to dance a May Pole and Cinderella came over and grabbed right onto Camryn's hand. You can see how excited she was just by seeing her look up at Cinderella's face.
Camryn doing the choreography they teach them so they can dance with the Princesses.
I used to think parents were crazy to make their kids take pictures with the characters. But I know understand it. Camryn is SO obsessed and can't hold still in line before meeting them and is constantly saying, "My turn now, my turn now?"
It was such a nice excuse to stay all day and to do it with family. We love the Watson's and hope we get to see them again this summer!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our 2 1/2 Year Old

Who really seems like she is 8. Lately she just cracks me up with the things she says and puts together. She understands almost everything and is always paying attention to any little thing that is said regardless if she part of the conversation. I have decided that this is probably going to be my favorite stage of life with her. She just is the sweetest, nicest little girl. (Don't get me wrong it is REALLY frustrating though, too.)
I was doing some spring cleaning and going through junk and she decided she needed all the stuff I was trying to get rid of. We may have a pack rat on our hands.
She found some amazing hot pink lip stick in the stash and needed to put some on. Does she not look like she is 4-what happened to my baby?
Speaking of growing up, she got a big girl bed! Ryan and I were so nervous about the change, but she is obsessed. She goes right to bed at night and still wants her usual nap. She starts to get tired and says she needs a nap and goes in and lays down. It was such an easy transition that I was dreading. Now onto the pacifier...that one is not going to be easy!
Loved this one how she is cuddling her Barbie. I feel so cozy for her. It is also so fun to get to see her sleeping since she now wants to sleep with the door open, I get to peek in on her (never got to before since she was such a light sleeper). So surreal to see them grow up but also so much fun!

Monday, June 6, 2011


We have not been very good about taking pictures lately and it is not because we haven't been doing things. I think we are just like everyone else and you go through phases. So here is what we have been up to.
Disneyland with Dad, this was a first. We went at night and had so much fun for just a few hours.
So blurry but I had to show her smile on the Merry-go-Round since it is now her favorite and used to hate it!
This was another Disney day-Aunt Amy spoiled the kids and they all got suckers!
Don't worry that both Camryn and Emma finished the whole thing! I didn't know Emma had it in her-she made her cousin proud.
I don't think Owen even got half way-he made his Dad proud I am sure.
We went out to Arizona to visit the Watson's for some fun at their house, got to see nephews games, relax at their water park & have a yummy dinner out! We were also able Fish's one last time before they move to NC...boo! Lucky for us it happened to work out right over Beckett's baby blessing! Also got to stop and see Nichelle & Nate and their cute old house and Ben & Heather feed us a yummy dinner! Last time we see them for a while too. We are going to miss you guys both so much!
Back in San Diego Ryan ran a 5K called the ROC Race or Ridiculous Obstacle Course Race. That is was...and so fun but wished someone was running with him as it is just crazy obstacle after another-much like wipeout. This is the rope swing at the very end-Camryn was real nervous about him swinging over those crocodiles. Maybe next year he can recruit some others into doing with him.
This past weekend I had a girls day with a bunch of friends to celebrate Brittany's 30th Birthday. So Ryan got to have a daddy-daughter day! They had a blast eating candy, hitting up the water park & ending the day with tacos and ice creams. Dad's sure know how to spoil.
But then again I got spoiled too. All day at the beach , dinner, Sprinkles & a movie all with no kids! Doesn't get better then that. Felt like my birthday!
Here is trying to document my week a littler better!