Monday, June 6, 2011


We have not been very good about taking pictures lately and it is not because we haven't been doing things. I think we are just like everyone else and you go through phases. So here is what we have been up to.
Disneyland with Dad, this was a first. We went at night and had so much fun for just a few hours.
So blurry but I had to show her smile on the Merry-go-Round since it is now her favorite and used to hate it!
This was another Disney day-Aunt Amy spoiled the kids and they all got suckers!
Don't worry that both Camryn and Emma finished the whole thing! I didn't know Emma had it in her-she made her cousin proud.
I don't think Owen even got half way-he made his Dad proud I am sure.
We went out to Arizona to visit the Watson's for some fun at their house, got to see nephews games, relax at their water park & have a yummy dinner out! We were also able Fish's one last time before they move to! Lucky for us it happened to work out right over Beckett's baby blessing! Also got to stop and see Nichelle & Nate and their cute old house and Ben & Heather feed us a yummy dinner! Last time we see them for a while too. We are going to miss you guys both so much!
Back in San Diego Ryan ran a 5K called the ROC Race or Ridiculous Obstacle Course Race. That is was...and so fun but wished someone was running with him as it is just crazy obstacle after another-much like wipeout. This is the rope swing at the very end-Camryn was real nervous about him swinging over those crocodiles. Maybe next year he can recruit some others into doing with him.
This past weekend I had a girls day with a bunch of friends to celebrate Brittany's 30th Birthday. So Ryan got to have a daddy-daughter day! They had a blast eating candy, hitting up the water park & ending the day with tacos and ice creams. Dad's sure know how to spoil.
But then again I got spoiled too. All day at the beach , dinner, Sprinkles & a movie all with no kids! Doesn't get better then that. Felt like my birthday!
Here is trying to document my week a littler better!


Chase and Nichole said...

Looks like you have been having tons of fun. I wanted to do that obstacle course thing with Ryan so bad! If I lived there I would have done it for sure, maybe we can make a trip out of it next year ;) So glad you got to have such a fun girls day! You look fabulous

v a n e s s a said...

i love all the pictures! i am genuinely impressed with the kids finishing those suckers, those things are huge.looks so sunny and beautiful down there! maybe we'll get to visit once more before baby comes. and speaking of pregnancy the only thing you look 9 times bigger than is my pinkie finger. you are a bean pole!

Karen M. said...

We are grateful for these picture updates. What better way to see that cute smile in our absence? I love that Camryn has come to peace with the merry-go-round! That smile is to die for!

Carrie said...

That obstacle course is hilarious ~ My kids love wipeout! Camryn is getting to be such a big girl...Love that smile! And your disney passes! jealous!