Thursday, June 23, 2011

San Diego County Fair

Nothing says "Summer" like the fair!
Camryn was so excited to go this year and thankfully Brenda was able to hook us up with free tickets and a bunch of our friends were able to come with us.
Camryn loved the pigs and chickens-everything else she was so scared of! Ever since we told her the story that Daddy rode a bull and fell off and the bull stepped on his legs, she hasn't been the same about animals especially cows. Oops-who would have thought? Such a tender little heart that girl.
The preggos! Lauren and I. Why we didn't do a belly shot I don't know but we are only a week apart and I am so glad I have someone to complain and waddle around with.
Our new and great friend Christian who was wife and childless this time around, Zak, Katie & Tim at the Pig Races
Our family of 3 for now
The guys even played some carnie games-Tim, love the tongue!

No one won of course but so fun to watch
The girls-love them
Ryan told Camryn she could have her own treat at the fair and she picked cotton candy. She would not let it go and asked about it every 2 minutes until she got it. She had no idea what it even was, but as soon as she got her hands on it she didn't wipe the cheesy grin from her face!
Most amazing funnel cake!!! It was mexican style so it was all a big churro-to die for!
Like father like daugther-although Ryan's favorite is to dip the cotton candy in his diet coke and then race to get it in his mouth before it dissolves. Yes, it is like I have 2 kids already.
The gang and my huge belly. I forgot I am supposed to put my hand below my belly so it doesn't look like I am about to give birth to triplets-you would think I would have the pose down the second time around.
We decided just as we were about to go home that we all needed to try the chocolate covered bacon. Chipped in a dollar and got a nasty cold morsel. I love Christian face! It was edible but I think it would have been way better if they served the bacon warm with chocolate drizzled on top.
But don't you worry that Camryn loved it. Anything remotely sweet has her name all over it. Such a fun night and I am so glad this is just the beginning of our summer's activities!


Brenda said...

You and Lauren are two very darling pregnant girls. I hope Floyd and Reagan get married. I just got a little sick typing "Floyd". I almost typed "Hank" for some reason...could that be a contender? I could go for that.

v a n e s s a said...

ah i love seeing the bellies! triplets? no way. you look darling, and i love that shirt by the way. and i can't believe how much cam has grown since we saw her last!

Jenny said...

you are soooo cute pregnant that i want to get pregnant! ... and then i remember that i do not look like that at all when i grow babies, so i change my mind.

Kathy said...

I wasn't sure what fair you were talking about at first because I'm so used to it being called the Del Mar Fair, I don't think I'll ever get used to the name change.
When is your due date again? I think I might be due like a week after you, not sure... You and Lauren look amazing and tiny, it's depressing to me since I feel like I'm huge and due right around the same time.
Looks like so much fun, wish we were there to join in the fun. The kids and I will be there in a week and a half. Let me know if you guys do anything fun then!

lauren ann said...

Love me some carnie fun, and going with our favorite friends made it even that much more amazing. Still craving that mexican funnel cake and those rides that we couldn't go on (the chocolate covered bacon- not so much) Also, remind me never to pose next to you prego again- bad idea. Looks like my baby could eat Reagan for dinner at the rate my belly is growing. Seriously, such a fun night and I am still in waddler-recovery. We owe Brenda big time- thanks for the hook up!!

Trent & Brooke said...

i was just going to ask what the 'san diego' county fair is and why i had never heard of it before, but then read kathy's comment. it will always be the del mar fair to me too!! love that place. so glad you guys had a great time. many memories there... and that last picture of camryn is so darling--- what a beauty! can't wait to see your next little girl!

Karen M. said...

Looks like lots of fun! Cotton candy dipped in coke? I don't think I've ever heard of such a creation nor anyone else who would like it!

Chase and Nichole said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer! You look amazing, definitely a hot pregnant momma! And that is disgusting that Ryan dips his cotton candy in diet coke... I think I gagged when I read that. Love that little Camryn :)