Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Visit

The Watson's came in town for the weekend right as school was getting out and Amy and I were so excited to have them! We visited the Mormon Battalion, ate good food and enjoyed playing outside with them. These cousins play so well together it is so fun and nice for us adults to be able to talk!
The girls getting their make-up done
The only horse we found that Camryn will actually ride

Carter is officially the youngest person to jump off of Ryan's parent's balcony-5 years old! Crazy boys!
On their last day we did Disneyland and when I say we did Disneyland-we really did. Camryn and I were there from 8-5! And the Watson's stayed all day 8-midnight! They were champs.
Such a good looking family-still can't believe how grown up these boys are. Such good helpers with the young cousins.
Watson's with most of the Atherly's
Cute Mother/Son Picture- Nikki is standing there like Dylan needs her there, too bad he doesn't anymore!
Cute Emma face
Since we were there all day we were able to take advantage of seeing the Princess Show and doing the Princess walk. It was so cute they get to dance a May Pole and Cinderella came over and grabbed right onto Camryn's hand. You can see how excited she was just by seeing her look up at Cinderella's face.
Camryn doing the choreography they teach them so they can dance with the Princesses.
I used to think parents were crazy to make their kids take pictures with the characters. But I know understand it. Camryn is SO obsessed and can't hold still in line before meeting them and is constantly saying, "My turn now, my turn now?"
It was such a nice excuse to stay all day and to do it with family. We love the Watson's and hope we get to see them again this summer!


Jenny said...

it's so true ... i was a princess hater, but once you see how excited they get, it makes you love it too! what a fun day that must have been.

Brenda said...

I never understood the whole princess thing....until Camryn came along. The picture of her chosen for the May Pole dance is precious.

Carrie said...

What a fun day! So sad we missed it! Love the pictures of miss Camryn and the Princesses, very cute and so funny to me all at the same time! So not used to the princess thing...not that there's anything wrong with it;) I love the songs...do you all have the disney sing along shows? those are the best! I remember asking the little girls i babysat if we could watch the sing a long videos...cause I wanted to sing a long too! My boys loved the Mary Poppins sing a long...I need to go find more of those...Library here we come!

Karen M. said...

I am so excited that Camryn got to have a picture with so many princesses. How cool would it be for Cinderalla to take your hand to do the may pole dance? I agree that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth-even if you're just looking at the others enjoying it!

Brenda said...

Hey, somehow I missed the picture of Carter jumping off the balcony. Impressive!!!!