Monday, October 24, 2011

Portland & Camryn's Birthday

We were so lucky to have Ryan's parents plan a trip to Portland with the whole family a few months before we had Reagan. And it couldn't have come at a better time. We had such a great time-the baby did awesome the whole trip. Camryn on the other hand was a different story! She is usually a dream so when she isn't, Ryan and I have no patience. Bad combination when staying in a hotel and with family almost all day and you want you child on their best behavior. It was hard to want to spoil such a stinker for her birthday. But here are all the times were she could at least put a smile on her face.
Grandma Brenda showed Camryn a great way to travel in airports-at the mercy of Grandpa's arms. He's a good papa.

 Obsessed with holding Grandma's umbrella even though it wasn't rainy. So grateful Uncle Cody got her very own for her birthday.
 Headed out on the town for shopping and fun with Aunt Lindsey-can tell how excited Camryn is to have her picture taken.
Aunt Lindsey's hair skills. Wish she were around to do my hair everyday.
I wanted to make her day extra special and so we decided on getting her make-up done. One of her new favorite things. Yes...she is only turning 3.
After a long day out and many tantrums later we went back to the hotel to rest the remainder of the day. Which was nice to get cozy with the weather so cool outside.

"The Brothers" at the game. Cody has never known how to smile in pictures so he figured a cougar growl would be the most normal.
Meanwhile the boys came back from the Oregon State/BYU game. Fun to have all the brothers together. Camryn loves her Uncles and it is so fun to have them pay so much attention to her. Also, Cassidy and Whitney came up for the night to help celebrate. 
You would think with that big breath she would have gotten all the candles but not even close.
Sharing a seat with cousin Cassidy

When she opened these Barbie outfits, her response was, "!" In the funniest voice-she really is such a girl. 
Camryn got clip-on earrings for her birthday. These guys decided to play, "Who would make the prettiest Smart girl".  It's easy to see that none of them have what it takes, but they told Ryan he could get into a lesbian club and no one would bat an eye. Cody on the other hand looks like his Grandma.

Baby Reagan getting ready for her close up
We were also able to get a family picture together which doesn't happen too often on such a beautiful day. I think it turned out pretty well-Thanks David and Vanessa for helping us out!
Cute cousins

As I mentioned before David and Vanessa allowed us to get a picture altogether so we had to get one with them too. Ryan and I were so happy to finally meet Penelope-who is exactly one month older then Reagan. She is so sweet and we just love getting to visit with the Wilkes.  It was a great trip and we were so glad to get to be with the whole family and visit with some great friends. Just hoping this stage doesn't last too long for Camryn! If you haven't visited Portland it is a must, such a cool city with great food but still a small city feel.


Kirby said...

So cute!! Reagan is getting so big already, we need to meet her like NOW! We will be in the Portland area for Thanksgiving...wish our trips could have been at the same time. We miss you guys!!

Brenda said...

The picture of the boys in earrings really creeps me out. Camryn getting her "makeup" on is priceless.

Liz said...

next time you guys are in portland we'd love to see you! glad you had fun. your girls are adorable!

v a n e s s a said...

it was so good to see you guys! glad you got some good pictures, such a good looking family. and glad we got one of the babies -they're exactly one month apart right? friends for life i'm sure.

also i'm pretty sure a few of the smart brothers could get in to a lesbian club with those earrings on...

v a n e s s a said...

i should note, i've seen some REALLY masculine looking lesbians here. also there's a clerk at our grocery store who we talk to every week and still aren't sure of its gender. it's name is sen. asian of course.

Kathy said...

Looks like a fun trip! You guys look great as always. But those pictures of the boys in the earrings is hilarious. Jake wins for creepiest expression.

Carrie said...

What fun to have a get away! Baby Reagan is munchable. Love her close up! The earring shots totally freak me out. I always get a kick out of seeing all the Smart brothers together! I remember hearing Ryan was one of four boys and being so surprised! Now we have a twin family! How fun!

lauren ann said...

Im a little obsessed with the Smart family. Looks like SUCH a fun time and lil C cracks me up- so much personality in that little squidge and Im so glad R was so good for you.

Lesbian club all the way... totally made me lol

nikki said...

I am jealous of your jet-setting ways. And I miss you and Ryan and your little misses terribly. Camryn looks like she had a great birthday even if you said she was kind of the devil on your trip. I like seeing all of Ry's family together, so fun for you guys.