Thursday, October 6, 2011

Around the House

2 weeks-love the smiling in her sleep

Already for church and Dad's Birthday- 2 1/2 weeks
Taking a nap with the dog...yes she loves her tummy
Mine and Camryn's toes...her's are way cuter
3 weeks old

Getting her to stop crying at night white noise blaring & a laser show-totally worked...well for  5 minutes that is. The crazy things you can come up with just for a break in crying!
Camryn's cute ballet bun
Painting her own nails for the first time
Smiley girl at 5 weeks when you can finally capture it on camera. 
Staying at home with just Camryn used to drive me crazy-I'd get so antsy. Now it is a reality when we stay home all day because sometimes it is just too hard to get out. Thank goodness there are times like these that make it all worth it to be at home with these 2 girls.


Kathy said...

She is too cute! I can't stand it!

Brenda said...

Way too many cute pictures to comment on. Absolutely adorable.

Jessica said...

You sure have two little cuties on your hands.! How's it helping cutting out the dairy? I have had to be dairy free with Garrett for the last five + months. Thanks goodness for dairy free chocolate chips.:) Good luck getting it all figured out.