Thursday, October 20, 2011

Camryn 3rd Birthday Party

Since we'd be in Portland for Camryn's actual birthday and her good friend Scarlett's birthday is 3 days after hers we decided to combine the two and make it just a small playgroup party. Scarlett's mom, Ashly and I are great friends so we pulled together our resources and made a cute little party for our 3 year olds!
Thankfully Ashly is amazing at the creative stuff and got the inspiration from a tablecloth she already had and printed out the cutest banners and labels for the party.
The dress up station-a must with both girls
Cute banner made by Ash and sewed by me.
The spread-the tablecloth gave us the idea for a tea party. With our girls tea sets and all other supplies we both had all we needed were the napkins. I love the paper straws and cupcake stands.
The girls were able to make their own "tea" with pink lemonade powder to mix in their water. Genius idea, except that Camryn's ended up was more like a paste-like consistency with all the powder she scooped in there-they were obsessed.
The cute birthday girls
Princess dance party
And the favors-I saw this idea on pintrest for creating your own edible tea cups and so we had the girls make them for their craft and then took them home with candy inside. 
I just love that Camryn is such a girl so I can throw parties like these that end up being just as fun for me as it is for her.
Happy Birthday!


v a n e s s a said...

oh it turned out so cute! i bet that was so fun for camryn. it was so nice to see her and reagan even if it was a quick visit.

Whitney said...

Oh my gosh!! That is the cutest party! I hope that someday I have a bunch of girls so I can do fun things like this :) And I wonder where Camryn gets her girly-ness from...

Brenda said...


Nikki said...

I'm super impressed - you guys are like professional party planners and stuff. Seriously it looks like it was a heavenly party for a couple of really sweet little girls. Happy Birthday!! Now I really want those cupcake stands...

Brianne-zam said...

looks adorable! so need to catch up for real. thanks for calling me back in your very slim spare time. cleaned out a bunch of my closet, but need some desperate refreshing! need to get a size 6 of those boots for felicity. if you have any friends heading this way soon, i'll buy them and choose the 'pick up' shipping option.
let me know

Jessica said...

That is such a cute party you both put together. Wow. What lucky girls to have Moms like you.