Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend in San Diego

This weekend we celebrated Nate and Lauren's Birthday by going out with the San Diego gang for pizza at Besta Wan. It was really good and so fun to hang out with these guys. Such great friends and then went out to my favorite Swirls for frozen yogurt. Happy Birthday guys, we are sure glad you were born!
Don't mind Tim-We promise he is not drunk.
Then Saturday we went to the Wild Animal Park with Ryan's family because his bro Cody was in town with his wife Whitney and cousin Cassidy. Too bad we couldn't get either Cody or Whitney to look at the camera. At least Cassidy obeyed. She is the best baby! Such a happy sweet 10 months old-who walks all over the place. It looks so wrong!
The highlight of the WAP was the Lorikeet aviary. You can buy nectar for the birds and then they just come swarming. Ryan was holding Camryn while one was drinking then out of no where one landed on Camryn's shoulder. She about died. But I am actually surprised she didn't do her normal freak out she just was really still and waited for us to get it off. And of course now she goes around to everyone and tells them "Bird on my shoulder at the Zoo." She is so proud.
Then David had a turn, Cassidy was obsessed. I love both of their smiles in this picture. She even had one bite her and she hardly flinched.
Then I had to try...can you tell I am not completely loving it?
Then Brenda had a turn, she was definitely not loving it when this one landed on her head followed by another on her shoulder right in Cassidy's face. But she is a good Grandma and showed no sign of fear. Too bad Whitney and Cody missed out here big time!
After Cassidy loved the birds so much we took her to see the deer. Camryn hates these deer and shakes as soon as we step in side. You couldn't get Cassidy any closer she loved them like they were little puppies.
After a long day we headed to this little gem for some real Mexican style tacos in Oceanside. And when I say real I mean as REAL as you can get across the border. David had heard about this place so we thought we would try it. And when I say David heard about this place it was probably from a mexican that didn't speak any English. But that is where you find good food. Look at this place...
They were hosting a wedding just after we left, too bad we missed this party. I bet it was amazing. I mean look at this Party Hall-so gorgeous with mirrored columns and all.
But they make the best Pastor tacos for $1-straight from the boffo! Too bad Ryan didn't get a picture of the boffo. Those things are a sight and really gross me out actually! Even Camryn loved it. Great and very weird way to end a fun day.


The Smarts said...

this weekend looked like so much fun! i wish we were there. we are coming to san diego in march, so get ready to hang out all week! we love you.

Brenda said...

I miss little Cassidy already. Thanks so much for posting the pictures. Great weekend, great kids.

Cody said...

Mmmm...nothing beats legit pastor taco's.

Karen M. said...

I'm so proud of Camryn not freaking out! The birds look like a nice combination of scary and cool all at the same time. Glad the girls got some cousin time~

Nichelle said...

ok i am positive that you just snatched a picture out of my quinceanera photo album and posted it as a pic of the taco shop place. i had those IDENTICAL decorations. lavender balloon arch and all. why is david so mexican? and why so ripped? brenda and david are truly not real parents with those bodies, freaks. i am in awe of everyones composure with those birds. i will be the worst mother having a meltdown over a bird.

Nichelle said...

and i can't believe cassidy is walking! my giant child is just barely sitting up on his own and he's 8 months old! no crawling, no holding a bottle, just sitting with an eventual timber where his head hits the ground first every time

Carrie said...

oh how fun to get cousin time with Cassidy again! I want to hear Camryn talk about the bird...hopefully she'll still be obsessed next weekend...I hear we are all going to be there! Sweet!

WHAT IS BOFFO??? I have no clue.

v a n e s s a said...

i love your face in the picture of you with the bird! i bet you wanted to wash your hands after. i'm always scared of bird diseases.