Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving in GB

This year my sister, Amy and I were able to do things a little bit differently for Thanksgiving. Since we live close to one another we drove up to Granite Bay a week early together. We were able to do so many fun things with our family even though we were wimps with the the cold weather! Now we know why we live in Southern California.
Fairytale Town was closed so we hit up the Sacramento Zoo. Much different than SD's zoo, but fun because the animals are so close. Here is us all bundled up.
Camryn and Ry-Haunny as Camryn says it but Ryan and Seanny to all of us. She loves these two older boys so much!
Especially Haunny-and he is so good to her, they loved riding next to each other! It even enabled Camryn to ride on her own!
Cuddle from Gama
Later that night my parents did an FHE at the temple for the kids so we could see the lights. I don't know if it is all temple square's in Nov. but it was freezing here! Which is even more amazing that all 3 of these kids are smiling and looking at the camera. Love Owen and Emma like my own!
Amy, Mom & I. We actually got to do a session the next day together, so fun going with the girls!
Amy brought up her Wii so most nights were spent doing Just Dance as a family. Kids and guys included. So much fun! I want to own this game.
Scott & Cade-easiest and sweetest baby ever. I hope I can have one like him someday.
Best cousin buddies. They just love each other and I love this picture. Don't worry we did not drive like this.
Wednesday night Ryan, Mike (Amy's hub) and Chris and Lindsay and their kids drove in. So Thanksgiving morning Ryan and I went for a beautiful drive up to Auburn and went to the river to throw rocks. Camryn was in heaven and so were we for getting some sunshine!
Thanksgiving feast-and it was SO good, best turkey I've ever had! 19 of us, since Nikki and her fam couldn't be there-we missed them big time! I have to also mention that Camryn slept through the whole thing which was SO nice-ate in peace. And don't worry that Owen bit (not drank) into his goblet (grandma was being daring) and sure enough it broke, but no blood or anything...talk about skill.
Day after...Apple Hill such a gorgeous place and feels so much like fall.
Love this pic of my two loves.
And this sweet face.
The boys grubbin' on amazing apple turnovers.
The whole gang-so fun getting everyone together!
My cute parents...thanks Mom & Dad for everything, you are such great hosts, chefs & parents! We had such a fun visit and Camryn is still talking about all her cousins and Gama & Papa. Love you all!


Brenda said...

ALL of these pictures are great and it looks as though everyone had a terrific time. I had to laugh as I thought about the contrast of me cooking in a hotel, using pan lids to mix things, cool whip containers to serve, the desk as our snack table, and the list goes on. I love seeing Camryn so happy with all of her cousins (especially "oh eee" /owen) Too cute!

Amy said...

Erica I totally feel like a wimp in this cold weather and I live up here!

Nichelle said...

camryn is basically a baby super model

v a n e s s a said...

i'm glad you guys made it up here and that we got to see you! too bad we didn't get a picture of you guys with your giant burgers! i love cam's coat and yours too. i was contemplating getting a camel coat but wondering if it would wash me out so good to see it looks cute on a blondie. xo!

Carrie said...

So great that you guys came up for an extra long vacation! We loved getting to visit with you longer! Love that spot in Auburn..we haven't gone there for so long! Wish we were closer so Ry-haunny could be around a little girl more!!! Can't wait til these little girl cousins start dance...or something that will culture my boys like your (and Nikki and Amy's) Ballet cultured my husband!

Karen M. said...

I love that you blog so fast! It helps with the transition of missing you all so much. Great pictures as always-love those cute, cute faces!

nikki said...

I love all my family so much. Why is everyone so cute and fun?! Thanks for blogging so quick so I could see all the fun. Love you guys!!!

nikki said...

P.S. Did you go to Squeeze-in? That's basically heaven on a bun.

Carrie said...

p.s...i love that picture of Camryn and Sean! They are both so happy! Camryn looks like an old pro on the poisonous frog!

And as always...I wish I had Camryn's wardrobe:)

Amy said...

Thanks for being the best driving companion ever! You made it very easy and fun! Yes, we are whimps... oh how quickly I forgot. So happy that we were able to go and have a fun time. We missed our big sis.