Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's Knott to Love?!

My BIL Mike gets great hook ups from the military, so I love it when I can benefit from it too! On Veteran's Day both Amy and Mike got in free and Owen and I were only 15 bucks at Knott's Berry Farm! Such a steal! So we did as much as we could do towing 3 kids around and 1 of them one doesn't like child.
Here we are on this crazy tugboat ride, this is how we eased Cam into it. Owen and Emma had already done a few before this all on their own.
She did this one though! We just told her it was like a swing and she had fun!
So did Owen
Emma insisted on having the Zebra on the Merry-go-Round and had this face the whole time, even though she loved it! Camryn did not love it but was great once I was on it with her-then she wanted to stay on forever...progress.
And Owen got the pig...this is his "cheese" face
I like this picture of the 2 boys.
An attempt at a family pic of the Atherly's
And a pretty poor attempt at a cousin pic.
And of course me and my girlie on a train ride. We had a good time! Thanks guys for inviting us along!


Amy said...

So glad Camryn warmed up to the rides! The cousin picture cracks me up because Cam looks model perfect where my kids on the other hand...

Thanks for taggin along with us. It was lots of fun!!

Karen M. said...

What a fun way to spend the day together and it included progress on the rides-pictures look great and the weather even better!