Monday, December 22, 2008

Utah Snow Bunny

This is just a little teaser of the many pictures Brenda and I have taken in Utah. This was her first outing while it was snowing like crazy! It was snowing SO hard and we just bundled her up and boy did she love it! She was asleep in an instant and stayed asleep for over 2 hours. Since we have been here Camryn has turned into a completely different baby...and one that we love even more! We aren't sure if it is Utah or if she is just maturing. Whatever it is...she is sleeping through the night and not just one night out of the blue but 4 nights in a row! And she is SO much better in the evening hours. Let's just say that our 10 week old baby is growing up to be a good little baby! (Knock on wood!)


Carrie said...

How adorable. I always love a bundled baby. Why are they so cute?

Way to go Camryn! Remember Ryan had lots of crying issues that were resolved right around the three month mark?

But the sleeping all through the night is a beautiful thing...something that Kyle hasn't done in a while:( Darn teething.

Have fun! Merry Christmas!

Amy said...

I love that beenie! I'm glad you are enjoying her, it's even more enjoyable because your on vacation. Merry Christmas!

Erin and James said...

you are very lucky she sleeps that much! i hope ours does the same! she looks so adorable in her little snow suit!

Kirby said...

Stop teasing me...I need more pictures of that cute girl!!

Dan and Heather said...

what a cool beanie! I wonder who the cool people are that stood in line for two hours for it?