Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

I was able to go up to Sacramento early with Camryn. I found a cheap flight and so she was able to have her first flying experience. She is a spoiled little one. The family that could make it threw a party for my Grandma Motley's 80th birthday.

My mom, Grandma Motley, Me, Camryn and my sister Amy (31 weeks-due mid Jan.-does not look it!)

I had some great one on one time with my mom since my oldest sister Nikki was too sick to come up with her fam (not fun...but nice to have the attention). Camryn was able to get some new clothes since she had nothing that was suitable for cold weather. We are spoiled Southern Californians what can I say? Although it was nice to have it finally feel like the holidays.

It was awesome getting to hang out with the fam. We visited the Railroad Museum with 4 of my adorable nephews.
Ryan, Owen and Sean
Who does this?!

We left all 6 grandkids with the grandparents so us parents could go have lunch and see a movie together. No not Twilght even though that was my choice. We actually split up and some saw the James Bond and the rest Four Christmases. I can't believe my parents survived all those kids!

Giving the Prego a pedi. This was the one thing I wanted someone to do for me when I was pregnant and I think she appreciated it too!

My brother Chris, SIL Lindsay, Dad, BIL Mike, Amy and Ryan doing last minute preparations for an amazing dinner!

The day after Thanksgiving we went up to Apple Hill as we have since I was little. It was fun showing Ryan this part of Northern CA. We came to help my brother's fam pick out a tree as we did for many years. After we shared an apple fritter and watched the kids run at the park.

It was such a great visit with everyone!!!

Let's just say Camryn didn't know what to do when we came home and no one was there to hold her.


Amy said...

Reading a summation of the trip yet again makes me sad...again! I miss my family way too much. Especially now that we won't be coming west just yet. Cute pictures, thanks again for the pedi, good times, cute baby, miss you.

Carrie said...

Glad you got to come for so long! It was a great trip. It was so fun to meet baby Camryn. thanks for helping us pick out a was all lots of fun!

Nikki said...

That pedi for prego was the nicest thing ever!! I liked seeing your pics - there were a few different ones that I hadn't seen. This missing Thanksgiving business still really stinks and it hasn't stopped.