Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ok so maybe it is the Happiest Place on Earth!

Yes, I admit I have had my doubts. I loved Disneyland when I was a kid but never found the same appeal as I got older. And still had friends and saw many people my age or older enjoying it or should I say obsessed with it even when they did not have kids.
Well now that I have a 2 1/2 year old I get it. Today we went by ourselves, just the two of us and only stayed for about 3 hours. (No not about, exactly-because that way I didn't have to pay for parking another thing to love.) It is so fun going with friends and family but it is just different when you can do exactly what and when you want to do them.
First off we rode the train/monorail-Camryn was already in heaven! She couldn't stop laughing and we hadn't even gotten inside the park. This was her face...
Once inside we rode Small World. We walked right on and had the boat all to ourselves, so this is Camryn in the seat in front of me.
I had never been to Toon Town so we checked that out. But not too interesting for Camryn. Then it was on to the Princesses! I think this is fairly new at the park or if it is not I have just started hearing about it. The wait was 45 min. long to see 3 Princesses, you never know which ones they will have that day. Now 45 min with a 2 year old=not the easiest thing in the world. In fact if any line has a 20 min wait, we are out. But I knew that Camryn would not be disappointed. That is until we were 5 people behind the front and she had a total melt down! Said she didn't want to see "Big Princesses, only little ones" and then thought her undies were wet and needed the changed even though they weren't. Luckily the lady behind saved my spot-we hurried and had a wardrobe change and back in line with 1 person in front of us. With a little break she was ready to go!
Couldn't believe as we turned the corner that her two favorite's were there! Ariel and Belle! In the past she has been so shy/petrified of meeting any character but I think having them be real girls, she loved!
They were so sweet by talking and hugging her. Belle was the sweetest. And probably also because Camryn knew what to do after seeing Ariel.
Then she met Tiana. She hasn't seen the movie all the way through, but knows her cousins love her and loves her toys at the Disney store. This time she just sat right down and posed by her.
So back to my not loving Disneyland, I was converted today because I totally got choked up when Camryn was interacting with the Princesses. For one, I knew how much she loved it and would be talking about this day for a very long time. Well that and I am also pregnant-but still. We waited 45 minutes and it was totally worth it. However, I saw as I was leaving that it was a 75 min wait. Now that is a bit much. So make sure you go as soon as you get to the park! That is what I learned and we will definitely be back!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who Says Ties are For Boys?

There is an online company called Urban Sunday that makes the coolest little boys ties and bow ties you've ever seen. If you have a boy, they are a must. Anyway they were expanding their repertoire and asked if Camryn would be a model in their new online and print campaign. Obviously as parents are flattered, but we didn't know how cute this would really turn out to be. The photoshoot was a fun experience, minus Camryn holding herself half the time as she was learning to be potty trained. The amazingly talented Ashlee Raubach was the photographer. Anyway here are the results

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Casa es Su Casa

We moved to a new place in October and though we are renting, our landlords let us do a few things to help make it home. It was quite an adjustment from a house to a small townhouse, but the location was totally worth it. We aren't photographers...nor professional decorators, but a few people have asked so we thought we'd share.
Our front door
After-the gray was darker than we wanted. Ryan painted the stripes and wanted me to mention without a ladder, just standing on that little ledge. (a thanks to Nugget for modeling)
A weird little loft area that should have been used for an office or play room...
But we had left over furniture we didn't want to get rid of so we call this the library.
Family room...lucky you can't see the "murder stain" that was here before we came. The joys of renting.
After-rugs cover up murder. Not our favorite couch in the world, but it was cheap and has a sleeper sofa-so it's also the guest room. Please come stay.
Media niche and random other niche
Thank you Ikea for making small affordable furniture.
Kitchen/Nook-don't be jealous of the linoleum. Who doesn't love that movie-theatre feel under their feet in the morning. However clean-up is a breeze.
Another rug to cover up stains as well as catch food and spills from a two year old...and Ryan. Not that we were too worried about making the carpet any worse.
Here was Ryan's project. Since the owners had this sky-blue bathroom before, we thought they wouldn't mind if we experimented a bit in here even though we agreed to earth tones.
Teal is an earth tone right? Ryan wanted to try a new painting and taping technique.
Camryn's room and soon to be shared room by baby number two...this should be fun.
We pretty much kept it the same.
Here is our miniature bedroom. This was the biggest adjustment moving from our house, but we made it work. It was the same tan color before, so we chose a darker gray and added the IKEA nightstands. It's home for now. The best part is if anything breaks we're out around $15. Come visit anytime.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Don't get much better than a bike ride, a picnic by the beach with my latest crave Board N' Brew sandwiches (or should I just say cheddar cheese and that special sauce) and the sun! Then after naps head to the hot tub and heated pool as a family. Spring has arrived and I love it!
Amy and Mike picked up this cute dress for Camryn while in Hawaii-also obsessed.
Life is good.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ryan's Triathlon/Mini Vacay

Ryan, Mike, Ben and Scott have all been preparing for a Sprint Triathlon for a couple months and finally the day arrived. So we decided to make a little vacation out of it. Ben and Scott both were coming from Arizona so lucky for me they brought along their wives and babies! The triathlon was held near Palm Springs-great meeting spot for everyone. Ryan was able to hook us up with a sweet hotel and a round of golf for the boys since this was his old job stomping grounds.
Ben, Scott & Ryan-Mike was still driving out from Hungtington. Meanwhile us girls hung out at the pool-80* weather!
That night we ate at Babes-such a fun dinner, the 2 babies slept the whole time and we ate so good. We all ate enough meat to do 2 triathlons. Sadly this is the only picture I have with Mike and Heather! You all need to send me yours...
The race was the next morning, I could not pull myself out of bed with the amount of times Camryn woke up and the sound of a man vomiting I got little too no sleep. So I left it up to Kirby and Heather to cheer on the guys and take pictures. The guys all did so awesome, I will post more pictures of the race when they come in. Their times were all so close.
This is Ryan right after the race! He did so good and had little to no recovery once it was over. He came in 20 min. faster then his last one. His preparation really paid off. I want to know how he looks so handsome after such a beating (mind you he had the same amount of sleep as me).
After the race we got some good pool time in. Scott with baby Beckett. He is so stinkin cute all snuggled up. These guys are natural parents.
I was so excited because Mike was there to help me with my camera-aren't these pictures so cute!

Kirby didn't know I took this, ha! We'll it turned out really cute, so there!

Camryn was in heaven between swimming, laying out and the hot tub! I think she loves staying in a hotel sometimes more than we do.

That night we headed to the outlets for a little shopping. Here are the dads with their babies. What good dads too.
But shopping didn't last long we were ALL so tired and needed some good sleep. Thanks Kunz's and Fish's for making the drive out we know it is hard with new babies but it was totally worth it! Here's to many more mini vacay's just like this!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend as a Family of 5!!!

My sister Amy and her hubby Mike went to Hawaii for a week and we got to watch their kids Owen and Emma for a few days! We had a blast. Nightly pajama dance parties on our bed, playing at the park, eating good food, hot tubbing and swimming and a visit to a Science/Dinosaur Museum.
A picture of their sweet moves
Happily sitting together one of their rare moments-these girls fight like sisters. But when they do get along it is so fun!
At the Discovery Science Center. Camryn loves Owen. I wish I could have gotten on camera the times Camryn would put her head on Owen's shoulder and when they did the "spider" on the swings at the park-they both couldn't stop laughing!
The girls shopping together. This is what I picture when they are away at college together.
Owen with his Triceratops-his favorite Dinosaur, he did not want to leave this spot he was so obsessed. This and the 4-D dinosaur movie made his whole day!
Cuddles when Uncle Ryan. He was such a good uncle, Owen definitely had the best time with him.
And a before church shot of the girls! Another time where they were loving each other! They are so cute all dressed up! Do they look alike? So many of my friends thought so. Probably just their body-types and that they like to dress alike!
So glad we were able to help Mike and Amy out while they were gone and had so much fun doing it! I plan to do this a least once a year, a tradition I think the kids and parents will love!