Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Casa es Su Casa

We moved to a new place in October and though we are renting, our landlords let us do a few things to help make it home. It was quite an adjustment from a house to a small townhouse, but the location was totally worth it. We aren't photographers...nor professional decorators, but a few people have asked so we thought we'd share.
Our front door
After-the gray was darker than we wanted. Ryan painted the stripes and wanted me to mention without a ladder, just standing on that little ledge. (a thanks to Nugget for modeling)
A weird little loft area that should have been used for an office or play room...
But we had left over furniture we didn't want to get rid of so we call this the library.
Family room...lucky you can't see the "murder stain" that was here before we came. The joys of renting.
After-rugs cover up murder. Not our favorite couch in the world, but it was cheap and has a sleeper sofa-so it's also the guest room. Please come stay.
Media niche and random other niche
Thank you Ikea for making small affordable furniture.
Kitchen/Nook-don't be jealous of the linoleum. Who doesn't love that movie-theatre feel under their feet in the morning. However clean-up is a breeze.
Another rug to cover up stains as well as catch food and spills from a two year old...and Ryan. Not that we were too worried about making the carpet any worse.
Here was Ryan's project. Since the owners had this sky-blue bathroom before, we thought they wouldn't mind if we experimented a bit in here even though we agreed to earth tones.
Teal is an earth tone right? Ryan wanted to try a new painting and taping technique.
Camryn's room and soon to be shared room by baby number two...this should be fun.
We pretty much kept it the same.
Here is our miniature bedroom. This was the biggest adjustment moving from our house, but we made it work. It was the same tan color before, so we chose a darker gray and added the IKEA nightstands. It's home for now. The best part is if anything breaks we're out around $15. Come visit anytime.


Erin said...

super cute! love the stripes and colors you chose!!! great decorating!

Brenda said...

Two incredibly gifted kids!

Matt and Alia said...

Cute! You have lucky landlords. As renters you will probably increase the value in the house! Loved what you did with it!

david said...

i am SO impressed at the paint jobs and the speed at which they were accomplished. love your place! can't wait to come stay!!!

Carrie said...

don't You just love love grey walls? I love them...though choosing shades of paint is soo so so so tough! Our grey turned out darker than we thought too. And your kitchen is great! It looks like it has a good pantry and lots of cupboards! Better than lots of with the linoleum:)
Nice updates! Thanks for the photos! Always nice to see where friends and family call home!

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

Is it just the photo, or is the "before" picture of the entry wall lavender?? Love what you've done. I know what you mean by renting, it SUX, for all those reasons you mentioned. Since renting our whole married life you definitely just learn to make it work and ignore a lot of things. Like the fact that everything is is a shade of brown at my house, from the cupboards to the carpet, it drives me nuts!!! p.s. good job Ryan for the "ledge" painting!

Lisa said...

Super Cute!! I LOVE your decorating:) It looks professional to me:):) Great job on making it work..

Kirby said...

Love it all! I need a slumber party in our future... End of May sound good? :)

Karen M. said...

I still am so impressed at how you both made lemonade out of lemons! What an accomplishment!