Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ryan's Triathlon/Mini Vacay

Ryan, Mike, Ben and Scott have all been preparing for a Sprint Triathlon for a couple months and finally the day arrived. So we decided to make a little vacation out of it. Ben and Scott both were coming from Arizona so lucky for me they brought along their wives and babies! The triathlon was held near Palm Springs-great meeting spot for everyone. Ryan was able to hook us up with a sweet hotel and a round of golf for the boys since this was his old job stomping grounds.
Ben, Scott & Ryan-Mike was still driving out from Hungtington. Meanwhile us girls hung out at the pool-80* weather!
That night we ate at Babes-such a fun dinner, the 2 babies slept the whole time and we ate so good. We all ate enough meat to do 2 triathlons. Sadly this is the only picture I have with Mike and Heather! You all need to send me yours...
The race was the next morning, I could not pull myself out of bed with the amount of times Camryn woke up and the sound of a man vomiting I got little too no sleep. So I left it up to Kirby and Heather to cheer on the guys and take pictures. The guys all did so awesome, I will post more pictures of the race when they come in. Their times were all so close.
This is Ryan right after the race! He did so good and had little to no recovery once it was over. He came in 20 min. faster then his last one. His preparation really paid off. I want to know how he looks so handsome after such a beating (mind you he had the same amount of sleep as me).
After the race we got some good pool time in. Scott with baby Beckett. He is so stinkin cute all snuggled up. These guys are natural parents.
I was so excited because Mike was there to help me with my camera-aren't these pictures so cute!

Kirby didn't know I took this, ha! We'll it turned out really cute, so there!

Camryn was in heaven between swimming, laying out and the hot tub! I think she loves staying in a hotel sometimes more than we do.

That night we headed to the outlets for a little shopping. Here are the dads with their babies. What good dads too.
But shopping didn't last long we were ALL so tired and needed some good sleep. Thanks Kunz's and Fish's for making the drive out we know it is hard with new babies but it was totally worth it! Here's to many more mini vacay's just like this!


v a n e s s a said...

i have to admit i am really jealous of this and your upcoming vacation. all i want to to do right now is be in a swimsuit in the sun! how fun that you all have kids to bring. and good job ryan! looks like it was easy for you!

nikki said...

Sweet pics, you guys are cute water babies. Good job on the race boys! And now Jamie can see a pic of your hair - she's being curious especially after I told her how happy you were with it. Love you!

lauren ann said...

You were only missing one thing... the Foulgers. Looks like so much fun.

Carrie said...

Triathalon is super impressive! Good job Ryan! And 20 minutes faster! Niiice! What a great weekend!

Nichelle said...

way to go ryan! this trip looks so fun, so jealous. really great pictures too, i love the one with cam in the her pink sunglasses

Karen M. said...

Great job, Ryan! All your training really paid off-I'm truly impressed. I didn't get to hear where you did the swimming portion. Love the cute pictures of Camryn-as always-you got some really good ones!

JaMie HeApS said...

glad you survied the weekend as a family of five.. your sis is so lucky to have you help her. nothin better then a sis. and all the swimmin pics is gettin me a little too excited for summer... bring it on!
and you hair looks fab, whats your secret...a hair dryer that actually works when you blew it out..ha:)

Amy said...

Good job Ryan. I'm impressed that your friends brought their new babies. But I guess it's better to have sleepless nights in Palm Springs than just sleepless nights period. Looks like a fun weekend getaway.


Congrats on the triathlon Ryan! I just did my first one last year.
And congrats to both of you on the new baby coming!
Your family is adorable.
I don't think I ever gave you our blog, Erica, when I saw you at that Twigg party.
I'm not good at posting very often, but I do every couple of months.
Hope all is well,
Love, Shantil