Friday, February 25, 2011

Arizona: Dylan's Big Day

My second oldest nephew just turned 8, so the whole Motley fam decided to make a vacation out of it and head to Arizona! Ryan wasn't able to make it last minute but it still worked out so I could do a Twigg Shoe Party in Gilbert and stay a little longer with the Watson's! He was missed by all but it worked in my favor in the end!
The first day we got to spend the day at the park. Fishing, feeding ducks, riding the merry-go-round, train and had lunch. Too bad it was a cold Arizona weekend but we made the most of it! Camryn with her boy cousins, they take such good care of her!
Jake even held her the whole train ride and protected her from the sprinklers. He got soaked, what a true gentlemen!
And then it was Dylan's big day! He was so excited and it showed. The program was so cute and I loved that he had all his cousins sing "I love to See the Temple" with him! Camryn even stood there the whole time trying to sing. Now it is one of her favorite songs. Wish we could've gotten a picture.
All the cousins! 12 this year! So hard to get a picture but I love seeing their personalities. Especially Kyle, such a ham! He loves the camera!
The Motley Crew and Peg and Steve-Patrick's closest and sweetest Aunt & Uncle. It was so good to see them again! Don't mind that my eyes are closed. Hopefully someone finds a better picture.
On Sunday after church we found Camryn in Nikki's shoes "vacuuming" even though it is actually a golf bag-girls will be girls.
And lastly Camryn with her Seanny. She is obsessed! She asked him to hold her here. Sean and sometimes Ryan are her imaginary friends at home. They come everywhere and do everything with us. I was hoping that seeing them in person would change this, but nope! Still got them going strong and she would even "play with them" when we would go back to our hotel.

We had such a fun time. Camryn with her cousins and me with my parents and siblings. It is always crazy getting such a big group together but I am always so grateful we do and love my family all the more! It was so awesome to see Dylan get baptized and one of Jake's basketball games-such a cute family.
A big thank you to my parents who let me crash their hotel room and for the Watson's, especially Nikki for all your cooking and great hostessing abilities! I love you and hope to come back out soon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Since it is Out There...

I might as well make it completely official...I am pregnant! And yes, the pun was intended because I can no longer hide the fact that my stomach (well and other parts) is growing!
I am almost 13 weeks now and feeling good. So crazy to be pregnant again while taking care of another one. I have to say I don't love being pregnant but don't know why because I feel pretty good the entire time. Sorry-I know how mad that makes other moms but it is true. I think once I feel the little one moving and actually have a reason for the weight gain I will remember that this can be fun! But Ryan and I are SO excited and ready to add to our little family. Camryn already calls the baby by name and thinks she is having a sister. I am so interested to see if she is right! Although, I told Ryan the other night that when I feel cramping or pain in my stomach I told him the feeling seems masculine but maybe that is because in my mind boys seem more rough, who knows? We'll find out in a few more weeks! I am due on August 26th which seems like forever but let's just pray it goes by fast!

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Disneyland Annual Pass!

Thanks to my awesome friend Julie I am now a disneyland goer! I never thought I would be but who can pass up a year pass for $40! So both Ryan and I got one! However, I doubt he will use it much. I have never been a huge fan of Disneyland but with a kid I think it is worth it. I will never totally understand the "Disneyland Culture"-it is a way of life and these people are serious about it.
Since my sister Amy has passes too we decided to make an afternoon of it.
Riding It's Small World. Emma too distracted to look at me.
Same with Owen. The kids went nuts over this ride, but then again who doesn't? But just in a different way.
And this is Camryn saying cheese-not an actual smile but we'll go for it. The whole ride she just kept pulling my face to where she was looking saying, "look at that mom, look at that!"
Amy was nice enough to take them on the Teacups. You will never see me in one of those unless you want throw up on you.
The one ride Camryn talks about the most is the Merry-go-Round, but she is too scared to ride it by herself. Go figure.
Handsome little Owen
And smallest cutest girl ever Emma. You think Camryn is small-well you haven't met Emma. She doesn't look it here, but she was obsessed with her horse!
And at the end of the day Owen got a big hug from Pluto. Such a fun day out and great weather to top it off. Here's to many more days like this to come. Let's just hope one day we can see Ariel, Belle and Cinderella. I think that would make Camryn's year!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You thought I was bad?!

I was cleaning out Camryn's closet and trying to find a way to organize her shoes when I thought to myself, this is ridiculous this child has too many shoes! What shoe lover says that?
So I told Camryn to lay them all out so we could count and see how many shoes she really has. I counted 17 and had to get the camera to document this! The child is 2 years old and has roughly the same amount of shoes as me! So you think I bought all of these? No way, I am the biggest cheap skate there is! I have bought 3 out of the 17, then 2 more from twigglets and the rest from the Grandma's! Don't worry too that all of them fit expect for one pair right now so it isn't like she is growing into these for later. Is this normal? Does this make you want to count how many shoes you have? I know it made me.
Talk about a spoiled granddaughter and boy does she just eat it up! Well I guess I do too! I am so grateful she is so well taken care of and I don't have to spend the money!
I also had to throw this picture in here. When the hair dryer is gone this is what my hair does and Camryn had to make sure she had the same look. Love this little mini-me!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

24 Hr. Fitness- AM vs PM Gym Go-er

With a sprint triathlon and tropical vacation on the well as a small attempt to keep up with the beauty that is Ladera Ranch-I purchased a membership to 24 Hr. Fitness. I go to a cycling class at 5:30 AM some mornings and swim and lift other evenings. In my time there I have noticed a drastic difference between the AM gym goers and the PM ones. I will share my findings and look to you for thoughts and comments. It can be fairly summed up that most AM goers go for health and fitness where the PM goers go for beauty and social. Let us take a closer look:

The AM goer-This early riser has been making goals since the womb-maybe even using the umbilical cord as a tiny jump rope or rock climbing aid. They are wholesomely good looking, very much like Lance Armstrong or Mia Hamm. They do not notice, nor care that you are there. They've probably eaten the same thing for breakfast for 10 years-all of it nutritional and well balanced. With them they come armed with nutritious snacks, beverages and heart monitors. They shop at REI and JCrew. You'll hear words like Nasdaq, portfolios, acquisitions in their business vernacular and they probably listen to talk radio, 7 Habits podcasts or CNN. Their clothes are labeled, pressed, dry-cleaned and put on in a routine manner. In their offices they will probably have those SUCCESS posters framed-you know the ones with everyone rowing at a T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More)-though most are don't prefer working closely with others. They are older, mature, married, have been married or married to their careers.

The moms probably woke up at 4, checked off their color coded calendar and made lunches for their kids that include something from each of the food groups-most likely purchased at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. Slicked-back hair, no make-up, yoga pants and still look good. These are the AM Goers. The gym as whole is much quieter though intense vibes of commitment and stamia fill the air.

The PM Goer-This is a smattering of folk. The PM goer come to the gym to look good, be noticed and socialize-like if Starbucks was a gym. There are always the early-in-the-year-New Year's Resolution-ers that are tired of their montly donation to 24 Hr. so they try yet again. They can be easily spotted; they don't look happy, maybe sprung for a trainer adn are wearing those Shape Up shoes that my friend kindly described as trying to bail water out of a sinking ship with a teaspoon( these shoes won't get you fit, nor will your walk around the office park at lunch). Back on track. The PM men and women are very atrractive Hollywood-style. They come in hand with Smart/Vitamin Water (women) or Energy/Protein Drinks (men) and whatever else else is promised to shred you. Lots of sleeveless shirts (the ones that go all the way down to the waist), hair product, tight clothing, multi-colored headphones and other "sick" gear. Conversation is geared much more around how much you're benching, your next multi-leveled business adventure and what has happend on Idol, Real House Wives of Beverly Hills...or Jersey Shore.

The music is louder, lots of heavy grunting, people are louder, high-fives and hugs are bountiful, the hot tub is bubbling with conversation and high school kids are sweating fully clothed in the sauna of flexing in the mirror (not kidding). People are eyeing themselves in the mirror, peeking at your machine or treadmill to see if they are on a higher setting, or checking out people to both compare themselves or for mating purposes. This is the PM Goer.

Where do I fit in you ask? Neither...naturally. I am in my own group-the Desperately Determined Goer. I admire the efficiency, stamina and business sense of the AM goer but also have strong opinions about Idol/Bachelor and secretly worship Ryan Seacrest. I want the humbe confidence of the the Am-er and the body and multi-colored headphones of the PM-er. Maybe I even spot one guy who looks like my size and body style, if I were actually ever in shape and note what he's doing and casually copy him after he moves on. I am trying to legitimize my career and adulthood while still grasping to my trendy youth. I'm not sure it can be done but I can try. I often hear the phrase, "..well it's RYAN..." followed by some look of mutual understanding and agreement. I'm still not sure if it's meant to be an insult or compliment, but I'll take it and run. This is where I leave you. Thanks for listening.