Monday, February 14, 2011

New Disneyland Annual Pass!

Thanks to my awesome friend Julie I am now a disneyland goer! I never thought I would be but who can pass up a year pass for $40! So both Ryan and I got one! However, I doubt he will use it much. I have never been a huge fan of Disneyland but with a kid I think it is worth it. I will never totally understand the "Disneyland Culture"-it is a way of life and these people are serious about it.
Since my sister Amy has passes too we decided to make an afternoon of it.
Riding It's Small World. Emma too distracted to look at me.
Same with Owen. The kids went nuts over this ride, but then again who doesn't? But just in a different way.
And this is Camryn saying cheese-not an actual smile but we'll go for it. The whole ride she just kept pulling my face to where she was looking saying, "look at that mom, look at that!"
Amy was nice enough to take them on the Teacups. You will never see me in one of those unless you want throw up on you.
The one ride Camryn talks about the most is the Merry-go-Round, but she is too scared to ride it by herself. Go figure.
Handsome little Owen
And smallest cutest girl ever Emma. You think Camryn is small-well you haven't met Emma. She doesn't look it here, but she was obsessed with her horse!
And at the end of the day Owen got a big hug from Pluto. Such a fun day out and great weather to top it off. Here's to many more days like this to come. Let's just hope one day we can see Ariel, Belle and Cinderella. I think that would make Camryn's year!


Nichelle said...

you are gorgeous erica. and i hope you don't take offense when people say cam is small, cause i think it's so darling and feminine how small and dainty she is. she's the cutest. i think she should take over the nickname peanut.

Brenda said...

Two cute girls, three cute kids.

Amy said...

That was a fun day! Glad you were able to document for me :) The picture of Owen on the Teacups is GREAT! Tea cups really aren't bad, it's kinda fun actually. You didn't mention that you got to ride Thunder Mountain with Owen and that Camryn LOVED Pirates. Loved Pirates and hated the Merry Go Round! Hahaha silly girl.

v a n e s s a said...

i'll be honest, sunny southern california sounds nice right now. my skin is starting to get translucent. you guys look adorable, cam is getting big! well, older, still tiny though. xo

Matt and Alia said...

Fun! We just got free passes too. We need to all go one day :)

Karen M. said...

Jealous! I need that cheap pass so I can come. I would have given anything to see Camryn's reaction to Small World. I'm glad that there are so many rides she thinks are fun at Disneyland. Who needs a merry-go-round?