Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend in San Diego

This weekend we celebrated Nate and Lauren's Birthday by going out with the San Diego gang for pizza at Besta Wan. It was really good and so fun to hang out with these guys. Such great friends and then went out to my favorite Swirls for frozen yogurt. Happy Birthday guys, we are sure glad you were born!
Don't mind Tim-We promise he is not drunk.
Then Saturday we went to the Wild Animal Park with Ryan's family because his bro Cody was in town with his wife Whitney and cousin Cassidy. Too bad we couldn't get either Cody or Whitney to look at the camera. At least Cassidy obeyed. She is the best baby! Such a happy sweet 10 months old-who walks all over the place. It looks so wrong!
The highlight of the WAP was the Lorikeet aviary. You can buy nectar for the birds and then they just come swarming. Ryan was holding Camryn while one was drinking then out of no where one landed on Camryn's shoulder. She about died. But I am actually surprised she didn't do her normal freak out she just was really still and waited for us to get it off. And of course now she goes around to everyone and tells them "Bird on my shoulder at the Zoo." She is so proud.
Then David had a turn, Cassidy was obsessed. I love both of their smiles in this picture. She even had one bite her and she hardly flinched.
Then I had to try...can you tell I am not completely loving it?
Then Brenda had a turn, she was definitely not loving it when this one landed on her head followed by another on her shoulder right in Cassidy's face. But she is a good Grandma and showed no sign of fear. Too bad Whitney and Cody missed out here big time!
After Cassidy loved the birds so much we took her to see the deer. Camryn hates these deer and shakes as soon as we step in side. You couldn't get Cassidy any closer she loved them like they were little puppies.
After a long day we headed to this little gem for some real Mexican style tacos in Oceanside. And when I say real I mean as REAL as you can get across the border. David had heard about this place so we thought we would try it. And when I say David heard about this place it was probably from a mexican that didn't speak any English. But that is where you find good food. Look at this place...
They were hosting a wedding just after we left, too bad we missed this party. I bet it was amazing. I mean look at this Party Hall-so gorgeous with mirrored columns and all.
But they make the best Pastor tacos for $1-straight from the boffo! Too bad Ryan didn't get a picture of the boffo. Those things are a sight and really gross me out actually! Even Camryn loved it. Great and very weird way to end a fun day.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lack Luster for Everything...Must Be Potty Training!!

It has been a long couple weeks with the first one almost a complete nightmare. With hardly leaving the house and when we did we would have an accident it was hard to get the motivation to do anything, including blogging. So here are just a few pictures I took during the process.
Tried to fit her dolly in there too but finally convinced her to just pose with her next to her stroller filled with "so many friends."
One day we made a tent under the kitchen table. (I am telling after a few days of being couped up, you'll try anything. Well she loved it so much she wanted to sleep there. I think she lasted as long as 20 min-but at least I got a picture.
Her new "smile for the camera" cheesey face. Notice the towel, I wasn't into getting pee all over the carpet.
I tried to capture this moment, but it is not as good as it was the first time. We have a mirror in front of our room and she was trying to turn around so she could she her bum with her cute new underpants on. She loves them so much and loves to see them while dancing on my bed with a ring pop from going #2 on the potty. Still a hard thing for her to accomplish.
This was the following week. I needed to get out and the weather was so nice. I put on a pull up and headed to the beach. I think we both needed it. And sure enough she stayed dry and wanted to use the port-a potty! After a good week she has finally figured it out. And then Ryan's mom took her for a couple days and then she had it dialed! I think we had both had enough of each other and Grandma's just have a way with their grandkids. And even today she went in all on her own pulled her pants down and went! So glad this part of parenting is over...especially with her stubborn personality!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Internet Culture: Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs

I'm a young, feminist atheist who can't bake a cupcake. Why am I addicted to the shiny, happy lives of these women? Go here to read the article....

You have got to read this article. So interesting and so cool! Keep at it all you bloggers!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hey 2010, if you were a human I probably would have punched you in the neck. It's too bad too, because 10 was always my lucky number...but we know how my luck goes. Forget about the two speeding tickets (one wasn't my fault), the Indian boy who hasn't paid me, and the recent occasion of a waiter spilling hot beans on my lap at a work Christmas luncheon-you had taken my house, my job and more twenties. However I am inclined to forgive you because you gave me a lot of quality time with friends and family (maybe a little too much), a new job and a great new place to live. All in all we learned a lot and all that stuff, but I'm ready for a new year, which brings me to you 2011:

I've never liked odd numbers-they seem meaner that even numbers, but I'm willing to give you a chance. Here are some of my requests:

1. Ease up on the trials-I'm okay with some to keep things interesting, but no more layoffs, short sales, illnesses, etc.
2. I'd really like if my daughter would stop asking us to sing Happy Birthday every night-I know it's confusing her and I hate singing it-it's not even really in my range and it's even been sounding a little burlesque recently...not good for anyone.
3. While on the daughter thing, let's get her potty trained-though I think diaper changing might actually be easier than stopping all the time to go to the bathroom-I could save a ton on diapers from Costco.
4. Be gentle on my Civic-it needs to last at least another year. The shorter commute has helped tremendously, but the two rocks in the windshield and the tail light incident have really hurt her self esteem.
5. Give me some ambition (maybe in the form of an ambitious friend) to actually work out. I have at least one sprint triathlon in front of me and the pictures from the last one, as well as my ill-fitted clothing always make me hate myself a little.
6. Give me one awesome surprise-I don't care when or where, just make it be awesome enough to make my year-a little good luck this year would be helpful.

Here's what I'll do for you:
1. I'll think before I speak
2. I'll be less least's hard to stop my brain.
3. I'll sing Happy Birthday ever night if she really wants me too and you follow through with the good luck thing.

That's it. Welcome to the family 2011-I have my eye on you.