Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our 1st Nutcracker

I couldn't wait for the day when I could go to the Nutcracker with Camryn. It feels like I am sharing something with her that is so special to me and Ryan will never understand that. I am just so happy that I have daughters that I can take with me every year for a mommy date. I wasn't sure Camryn was ready to sit through it this year but after hearing her dance teacher was going to perform in one and happened to only be 1 act and 1 hour long I knew it was perfect.
All dressed up. She insisted on a this new church dress and bracelets from Grandma Brenda and a bun. She sat so still the whole show and loved watching for her teacher. 
With her teacher-Ms. Michelle. She was the lead Marzipan. 
She is obsessed with her teacher and was mesmerized by seeing her on stage. It was a very small production just put on by students so Michelle guests for a few of the shows. Afterward, Camryn wouldn't leave until we met every single girl we could. 
The Rose
The Sugar Plum Fairy
Spainish Rose
And mine and Camryn's favorite-Clara. Everyone loved having their picture taken and was so nice with  her but this little Clara was over the top. She just kept hugging Camryn and daunting over her. Made Camryn love the ballet even more. So glad she loved it as much as I do and that I will always have a buddy to go with me, that is until she is in it. That is when Ryan said he will come see it. So I will keep my fingers crossed for that day!


Brenda said...

I too cannot wait to watch Camryn in a dan e recital. She definitely has the body of a ballerina. Like mother, like daughter.

Brenda said...

"For $1000, Can you guess the missing word"? Dan e

Ryan Smart said...

Mom-will you really give me $1000 dollars to tell you it was "c"?

Brenda said...

Dan e was a typo and so was the $1000. It was meant to be $1. Yes I will give you the prize money.

Karen M. said...

The tradition continues! I can't wait to see her dance in the Nutcracker too. Actually I can't wait to show her your pictures dressed in your costumes over the years. So glad you're raising a ballerina!

Carrie said...

I too would love to be there when she sees pics of her mama as a Ballerina! I can imagine her excitement! We haven't been for years...and it's paining us! Even our boys are begging to go! They LOVE love the music and especially the TOM AND JERRY NUTCRACKER! anything to brainwash them:)

Carrie said...

p.s...I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I married into a Nutcracker Family. My husband is as in love with it as the girls in his family. He knows every part! LOVE IT!

Jessica said...

So sweet. What a special day for you two, it sounds rather magical. I am itching to go see it this year, but I think I will have to wait until next year. Cute little girly you have.