Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mommy Date

With Ryan out of town and no more naps for this one-we have been doing lots of things to get us out of the house. After a little date at In n' Out we checked out the Irvine Great Park.  It is not even close to being done and will be much cooler in a couple years but they have a few things that are fun right now.
 We rode the free Merry-go-Round at least 10 times-each time switching animals. She needed to ride all of them, according to her. 
 Sadly, I didn't know we needed to call ahead to ride this free huge balloon. So next time we will get to go up! But Camryn had just as much fun running around and just being her sassy self.
This one is blurry but I had to show the sequence of her poses-so funny!
I love my girls and so glad that I am able to spend this time with them in such nice weather  and in a beautiful area.


v a n e s s a said...

ooh, i've been up in that balloon before, that's awesome that you're taking her, she's a brave girl. and so very cute!

Brenda said...

Sassy pants