Monday, November 14, 2011

An Athlete

When I married Ryan, I knew he was not an athlete. Boy has he changed. I now fully consider him an athlete. He probably still doesn't, but I say this qualifies him as such! This guy wakes up everyday at 6 am, packs a bag and heads off to the gym before work. He always talked about those guys and how they were always the successful ones-guess he is on his way!
The ROC race, 5K with fun obstacles
Camp Pendleton Sprint Tri-survived swimming in the ocean
Dirty Dash-10K muddy obstacle course with Greg Stockoff
Most recently his San Diego Century Ride-100 mile bike ride
Lucky for him he got to do it with Mike Cunningham otherwise he would have lost all steam.
So nice to have Lauren, Mike & Liam there at the finish since I didn't make it out!
It is so cool to watch such a transformation in a spouse. I am so glad he has found such a fun hobby and makes him that much more happy. Next up...12K of Christmas & SoCal Ragnar. 


Ryan Smart said...

I'm glad you KNEW I wasn't an athlete. I just happened to be a chubby, out of shape, nervously engaged college student...okay you're right I wasn't. Still don't consider myself an athlete, just a strong fear of being fat and out of shape. You forgot to mention my Desert Triathlon...just sayin'

Brenda said...

Ryan's dedication to his new found love of working out (or fear of getting fat) is nothing less than amazing to me. And not because I don't see that type of dedication in many other areas of his life (the hardest worker I know, reliable and compassionate with family and friends, and loving husband and father), but at the busiest time of his life he has found the time, passion and dedication for something new. That is very inspirational....not to the point that I'm going to follow his example, but very impressive nonetheless. Keep it up son!

sierra smith said...

I am very impressed. I've always thought you've been fit though. My reason for working out is fear of getting fat also. congrats on being such an athlete!

lauren ann said...

what wahhh!!! Anyone that rides 100 miles is DEFINITELY an athlete...especially if they do it in spandex (the non-athlete rookies wear basketball shorts).

v a n e s s a said...

way to go ryan! good for you for working out every morning and doing so many races. you look great!