Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Bash

Yes he is picking this is mike picking his nose 

Ryan and Mia have birthdays a day apart & Mike is a few days after-we decided to make a combined party. And since this year it was Mike's 30th we thought it only necessary we make extra special for him. He may have been a little embarrassed by it all but Ryan love any excuse to throw a party and get together with our friends!

Had to snap a quick pic of the two babies. Reagan & Liam-only 6 days apart. Liam is the sweetest baby as you can tell in this picture (mother's defense is Reagan was hungry). Can't wait to watch these 2 grow together. 

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lauren ann said...

Oh man do I owe you guys or what!! Seriously, you guys are the best. The night could not have been executed more perfectly. Love you guys. GRACIAS!!