Friday, September 9, 2011

1st Week Home

After much debate, I talked my mom into coming a week after the baby was born. I learned with Camryn that the 1st week with a newborn is easy compared to what lies ahead in the upcoming weeks. So after our stay in the hospital we were headed home as a family of 4 and doing it all on our own. 
All cozy and ready to go home from our 2 day stay at the hospital

1st of many sister pictures. And Camryn sharing Jasmine with Reagan-her least favorite Princess but at least it is sharing.

1st sponge bath-wasn't fond it but was very cute in her towel
Morning cuddles in my bed
1st "Real" outfit and I'm obsessed with this headband.

This 1st week I was so impressed with Reagan, such a good sleeper, eater and just the sweetest disposition. I was also impressed that even though I wasn't feeling great I was getting so much accomplished and felt like the transition from 1-2 was such a breeze. I remember with Camryn feeling so proud that I showered for the day or that I made the bed. But with the second you kinda just have to get up and face it all even if you don't want to. I am just hoping that this only continues...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


nikki said...

Oh my she's so sweet! I want to cuddle her so bad! I love the beginning of the sister pictures!

Karen M. said...

I miss that sweet girl! You will be a great mommy for your cute little family!

lauren ann said...

oh man those are some cute girls... I can't wait for Reagan and Liam to love each other. I am amazed you can do this with 2!! I am definitely in your same shoes with Camryn- lucky if I get of my PJs, take a shower- but making the bed is stretching it.

Let's play soon por favor!!

Lisa said...

So cute!! You two have the most adorable kids!

Carrie said...

Love the postings! Reagan is a sweetpea! You are a smart cookie knowing the first week you would have a sleepy baby! Love her! {btw...I totally commented days ago on idea where it it!}