Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quick Trip Home-Not Quick Post

With Camryn turning 2 and the end of free flights for her and a gift card to use I decided to give my parents and other family a visit to Granite Bay.
The night we got there we were looking for more "girl" toys for Camryn to play with and made a huge discovery-all my sister's and I's Barbie's, clothes and furniture, My Little Pony and so many dolls! Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone but Camryn was fine without dressing the Barbies before playing. She set this whole thing up, tablecloth and all on the table. She was in heaven.
My mom had our whole trip planned out-which was perfect because I was up for anything and happy I didn't have to make any decisions. So the next morning we went to the Sacramento temple, which is so nice because it just isn't easy to make it their with a kid in tow.
So my dad happily watch Camryn outside the temple had a "photo shoot"-which I love because I have memories of my dad doing this when I was little. And then they also chased the turkeys on the grounds, which she still talks about.
After we were able to get pedicures, went shopping and had yummy dinner! I was spoiled-well so was Camryn.
Saturday we were able to see my nephew Sean play in his soccer game and my bro Scott coach. Sean was such a good little player-so fun to watch boys get so into it at a young age and not to mention just as much fun watching my brother get so into coaching-hilarious but he does a great job!
Then we headed to Wheatland to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch-which is more like a Pumpkin Farm/Fair-one of the biggest in the nation.
I loved taking pictures in the pumpkin patches.

Ryan's turn...
Then Seany's
And cute little Kyle-he is only 6 months older than Camryn and it was so fun to see more of his personality this visit! What a fun kid!
Riding on the same rocking horse-Ryan's highlight of the day
The Hay Ride. It was a good time for the kids but man my butt hurt and itched after. Those things always sound more fun than they are-but the kids loved it! And I am glad we got my dad in a picture!
Carrie and baby Cade-didn't hear a peep out of him-such a sweet baby, and my brother Scott with Kyle.
Camryn was obsessed with her cousin's-especially Seany which she calls Heany. Which she also calls any boy with blonde hair about his age-obsessed.
My cute mom, poor thing got call on to cheer on our pig at the Pig Races. She was humiliated, but the grandkids loved it! The price you pay for kids enjoyment.
Then since Camryn's B-day was coming up Grandma and Grandpa let her open their gifts to her. For some reason she thought she need to bite each present open. I wonder why-maybe because I bit the tape of each box I packed. Some one was watching.
She had so much fun opening her gifts and she really understood what do and was so genuie about each gift she got. These may have been her favorite or maybe just mine, but when she opened them she yelled "Boots!!!" and then proceeded to dance around in them. Priceless.
Sunday we got to have my Grandma over for dinner and Scott's fam again, I loved being apart of their family dinner they have every Sunday-but am kinda jealous too-good food and good company. Camryn is very interested in babies and especially the diaper changing, if only she would be interested in the potty too.
The cute new little Cade (can you say that many adjectives in one sentence?) and his pretty mommy-so fun to get to meet him for the first time. Thanks mom & dad for such a fun visit and the spoilings. You are the best!


Carrie said...

Yay! Fun post! It was great to see you two! How funny that Camryn called other blonde similar size boys Heany too! But probably more funny that she was so excited about the barbies and playing with them...and set them up for a dinner party but didn't care about their clothes! That's really funny! So glad we got to see you!

Brenda said...

Loved everyone of the pictures. Priceless!

Kathy said...

Isn't going home and being spoiled the best?! I want to hear how its going in your new neighborhood? How are you guys liking it?

nikki said...

Mmm you are a good blogging girl. Love all the cute pics of our fam, it is nice to get a sneak peak. I love her boot stomping excitedness and her little hand on Carrie's knee while she changed Cade. How sweet! I like getting to see pics of mom and dad and the Motley's!!

Amy said...

Love that you got to do so many fun things. I'm a jealous that you got to see Cade and all his sweetness. Carrie looks so good... what the heck?!

Jessica said...

Looks you have been up to a ton of fun things. Especialy all of the great times you get to have with your family. So fun!

Karen M. said...

All fun except the pig races! It was a great visit-so good to have you here to spoil!

lauren ann said...

Your mom sure knows how to plan a vaca... looks like a blast. Now when is it our turn to hang out with you?

Chase and Nichole said...

So glad you got a quick trip in to see your family. I can't believe how much Camryn is growing up and is two! She is such a little person now. I love the pumpkin patch pics and her with her boy cousins. It reminds me of B with her boy cousins. And I also wish Brielle were interested in the potty, but she wants nothing to do with it! I though for sure she would be potty trained before her baby brother got her, but I am having my doubts now!