Thursday, October 21, 2010

Camryn's 2nd Birthday Days

My sis Amy headed to Vegas for a girls weekend which allowed me to watch my nephew and niece! What a better way for Camryn to celebrate her birthday then with two of her favorite cousins!
After dropping Amy off at the airport we hit up the SD Zoo. Owen doesn't look amused here but he could have stayed there all day watching the flamingoes.
The children's zoo is amazing-just the right amount of animals and play time.
It was great to wear them out here-just always remember to bring an extra diaper! Let's just say we didn't have one in an emergency and have 3 kids with you in a family bathroom trying to make the old one work some how and resulting in no diaper and buying a 3-pack of probably the first disposable diapers ever made for $9. Lesson learned.
Later that evening after Mike was home to watch Owen & Emma we met Ryan at his parent's house for Grandma Brenda to do her spoiling. Poor Grandpa is in Hong Kong. She got a new baby and the stroller, bed and highchair to go with it! Do you see her sheer joy!
Trying it out and her new pink converse! It is so nice having both grandparents that spoil, which means we don't have to! It was like Christmas!
Then it was off to my favorite for Birthday frozen yogurt.
The next morning these little guys enjoyed pancakes requested by Camryn for her birthday breakfast.
The girls getting ready in the bathroom together. They had to have matching pony tails of course. But Emma's wins! That girl has so much stinkin' hair-I love it and want Camryn's to grow!
Then we headed to the park and mission for some outdoor fun and photo shoots! And the girls traded clothes.
Loved this one of Owen
And this one of Emma! Love her little grin.
She was a little stunned with us all standing around her singing and with the candles lit. Which I don't know why because she makes Ryan & I singing Happy Birthday to her every night before bed so you would think this would have a soothing effect. At least she had her cousins there to help her blow out all the candles!
Enjoying her funfetti cake (which she picked out) this year-very different from the last. And it was so fun spending it her cousin's and her uncle Mike. I had such a good time watching them!
Then it was back to our house for more presents from Mom & Dad! And again with the teeth!
Loving all the bows
So excited about her new cash register!
Showing off her cute new boots and horsey shirt...which she is totally obsessed with! 2 is going to be a fun year! I just love this little squirt!


Brenda said...

The girls in the sink sporting their ponytails has to be my favorite. I can only imagine these two as teenagers. I can certainly see that they will be very close and best friends (even if Camryn claims Owen as her best friend right now). Such cute kids!

Amy said...

I said the same thing Brenda about the girls getting ready in the morning. Flash forward 14 years!! So adorable. I love that you were able to watch my babies. You are so good to them and they love you SOOO much! You must have had quite the impression on Emma too because she just says "A-ka" all day long. You've become quite the photographer too. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. I want to steal them and call them mine ;)

v a n e s s a said...

ha, it's finally her birthday when you sang her the song! she is so stinkin cute, and darling cousins too. i was going to say that her hair looks long! a pony tail by two is pretty good!


Tim, Annie, Jack said...

Wow erica she just keeps getting cuter! Can't believe she is already two. I see you so little so I still think she is a baby...Love the last picture, cutest boots.

Chase and Nichole said...

I am glad she had such a great birthday! I love it when grandma's spoil them :) She really is so beautiful and has so much personality just from always looking at her pics. And I love that head of hair!! Her boots are to die for... I have to bribe Brielle to wear the boots she has, she is not to fond of them :(

Nichelle said...

camryn is WAY too gorgeous to be two years old. she's gonna have you guys fightin off the boys as a teenager. she's so stinking cute you guys.

nikki said...

I love that baby who is now two!! What fun celebrations for her. So great that she got to spend it with cousins - how did I not know you were having Ame's kids? I bet that was so fun.

Happy birthday baby girl!

Kathy said...

She is sooo cute! And those boots?! Adorable! Happy birthday to Camryn- can't believe she's two! We miss you guys!

Karen M. said...

I just love that little squirt too! So glad she had so many birthday celebrations! Her great-great grandma Loveridge would have been so proud-that was her style too.

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Camryn! How fun to get to have a cousin sleep over for her birthday! You are so brave to essentially take two year old twins (because of their close birthdays) to the zoo with only one adult! Two near two year old with minds of their own could be a recipe for craziness! My biggest question is how did you get from the parking lot to the zoo without a double stroller or another adult? Glad you had fun despite the diaper fiasco!!!