Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can a baby chick be vulgar...it's all in the annunciation

So it was Dad's turn to put the baby to bed...usually I am an expert at this. I read a few stories, play a few games, sing some songs and off to bed. I let Camryn pick out her favorite books, all of which have to do with animals at this point. We have a Touch and Feel Animal Farm book that has gotten some good miles on it. We've been very proud of how well she has learned all her animal noises and all the words she is learning daily...however I was a little disturbed when I first showed her a picture of the chick. I said, "What does a baby chick say?" to which she replied, "Peep peep"...and then proceeded to wipe herself with it. For a split second I wondered what kind of parenting Erica has been doing in the home, until I realized that "Pee-pee" sounds an awful lot like "Peep Peep". I'm just hoping this rubs off before preschool-or our next trip to the petting zoo. I'm sure there are more words in the English language that we'll soon find out can be mixed up for other awkward words, most likely to be said in public around a lot of people. She's just started saying, "Oh shoot", luckily her double "o's" are impeccable.

Any words your kids have learned that we can be aware of and practice in private?

***No actual animals were harmed during bedtime stories or the writing of this post.


Vicki said...
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Vicki said...

My little one hasn't quite gotten the correct order for saying "chip", and it comes out sounding like he is refering to a female dog.

lauren ann said...

hahaha... too funny

We are headed your way next week and you better believe you will be getting a call. Are you guys in SD still or up north

Liz said...

one of calvin's friends either had a really bad boston accent or was smarter than we knew because every time she said "frog" it came out sounding a lot like another four letter f word.

maybe try practicing that one at home first, too! haha, i love it when kids start talking.

MediocreMama said...

"Sprinklers" were "f*ckers" for the longest time out of Lennon's mouth for some reason. The springtime was the worst, "Mama, look at all those f*ckers! Mama, F*CKERS!!!"

Hey, I think the connection Camryn made says she's a smart cookie.