Friday, July 31, 2009

Thanks for Ruining My Lunch

This is Ryan. I need some honest answers to these thought provoking questions I'm about to share--please impart your knowledge for me and all those who have similar experiences.

I'm big on social norms and get extremely uncomfortable in socially awkward situations. I can't watch a lot of the tryouts for American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance (or testimony meetings for those readers who know what I'm talking about) because people make me extremely nervous and I hate when the judges are rude to them.

Now that the stage is set here is my story. I was having lunch at In and Out (be jealous); this particular In and Out is one of the drive-up only ones, but they have a little seating area outside. It's kind of like a parking lot, there are always a lot of people, but they are coming and going and you can usually get a table, it just takes awhile. While I was waiting for a table I thought to myself (I really did), "I wonder if anyone ever asks to share a table? That would be uncomfortable, what would I say if someone asked me?" As I was contemplating that thought and checking my e-mail every 14 seconds (I can't help it), a table opened up. I sat down, waited for my number and started eating. As I was eating some middle-aged guy came up and said, "Hey wanna share a table?" Really? Do I want to share a small table with a complete stranger where the conversation will be awkward or it will be even more uncomfortable if we don't talk? The answer is NO, no I don't want to have lunch with you. What was my answer? I said, "Sure". So this guy ruined my lunch because I sat there in silence constantly wondering if I should talk and praying he wouldn't--I kept taking quick bites of delicious food I couldn't enjoy just to escape the situation. I can't say no to people--ask Erica, I get caught at the door with sales people ALL the time. I almost bought a bottle of cleaner from two people from Alabama here to earn money for Disneyland or some lie. She drew some black marker on a dish cloth and asked how I would get the stain out--she went into an uncomfortable joke about "shouting it out" where she yelled at the rag, "Get out you stain!" I thought I was going to throw-up from the discomfort and colossal awkwardness of it all. They then started cleaning a window and asked if they could come inside and clean some hard water stains. Erica had to come to my rescue before I bought a $40 bottle of colored water.

I have two questions really. One is, would you ever ask a stranger to share a table and under which circumstances? Two, what is it about me that makes people feel comfortable enough to ask? You can ask my wife--if we are ever in a crowd and someone needs the time or their picture taken or a favor I am ALWAYS approached. I don't know what to think about this. I wish I looked more intimidating--would people approach me if I was taller, stronger, maybe had some tatoos or a piercing? Why don't they ask my wife or my friends if I'm around them.

I am a social guy and even an extravert, but I am not super comfortable around people I don't know unless the situation calls for it. In fact I loathe new social situations in the beginning and can't stop thinking about what other people are thinking and what I should do to make the situation comfortable. It's a constand battle and I could use some advice. Thank you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mother's Day Cash-In and 9 Months Old!

So I was finally able to use my Mother's Day present that Ryan got me. After church on Sunday Ryan and I drove down to San Diego to have dinner with my inlaws. Since I was down I decided to stay a couple days and escape the heat. Brenda and I hiked Torrey Pines. It is so pretty, but boy is it getting hard to carry a baby in a front pouch, probably about time to invest in a backpack. After we were too hot, I helped clean Brenda's bathrooms. I don't mind doing it and with school keeping her busy it was time for a deep cleaning! Then I met up with my BBF Brittany and Camryn's boyfriend Jack. We went to the beach and had a blast. This was Camryn's first real time playing at the beach (maybe because I secretly hate the sand...well it is actually not a secret I really can't stand it, but as a mom I guess I have to get over it). And it wasn't but the first second that Camryn had eaten a huge handful of sand, but after that one time she learned she never did it again. The water is so warm right now so she had a blast splashing and having me throw her around in it while Jack pretended to boogie board and jump into his "pool" that Brittany made. It is definitely different going to the beach with kids, not as relaxing but we still had great conversation and got to have frozen yogurt afterward.

Here is Camryn waving to the camera

Camryn and Jack reading a book together

Brittany and I hurried home, left the kids behind and went off to my first ballet class in 5 years! Brittany had been two times before but it had also been 5 or 6 years since she took a class so it was great to go together. She and I have never danced together but have always talked about it and have always shared this same love. It was so fun to finally do it again and especially with her. Even the teacher asked if we were related some how because we danced so similar. I will definitely have to make it a point to come down at least once a month to join her, so then maybe next time I won't be so sore!

For Mother's Day our amazing husbands got us pedicures! We got gift cards and were finally able to use the the next day which was perfect timing for a foot and leg massage after our class.
After we headed to Rancho Santa Fe and ate at Thyme in the Ranch (another gift from the hubbies). The weather was so nice and conversation was flowing but too bad the time was a ticking since Jack was with a sitter so we had to cut it shorter than we would have liked. It was a great Mother's Day present and so fun hanging out with Brittany and my inlaws. We are hoping this becomes a monthly occurance. Thank you Brenda, David, Derek, Ryan, Brittany and unknown babysitter for allowing this to happen. The Wednesday I was back Camryn turned 9 months! Can you believe it?! 3 more months and she is a year! I need to start planning a party! She has gotten to be SO much fun! It is crazy how it just gets more fun everyday.

A friend let me borrow her floaty and Camryn is obsessed. We apologize for the lady's butt, my crop button wasn't working. She loves her new found indepedence since she can walk around the shallow end and not have to be chased.
This video pretty much sums her right up except she isn't always this mad she was crying for no reason. She says bye-bye and waves her right hand, says uh-oh which sometimes is just "uh" and is finally lunging forward to her stomach in an attempt to move. She has started to get so mad that she can't crawl so hopefully this will start to motivate her. Enjoy; it is long.

She sure is crazy but is so much fun. We are hoping that by the time she is 10 months she will be doing something, but her track record is not making us hopeful. We just have to be grateful we aren't chasing her around and enjoy that she stays in one place while it lasts. Happy 9 months Camryn!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Enough is Enough

Alright, here we go. If you are sensitive or easily offended I suggest you don't read this. It may be a long post so I'm also not offended if you don't continue; I just really need to express this.

First off, too many people blame the media for everything; I love the media, they present hours upon hours of meaningless entertainment--they even promote good stuff once in awhile. I consume all types of media and I enjoy it--hooray media, we love you. Here's what I don't love--Michael Jackson.

Michael, were you a great entertainer? Yes
Michael, were you a talented musician? Yes
Michael, were you an insane dancer? Yes

Now Michael, did you have plastic surgery that likened you unto Skeletor? Yes
Michael, did you dangle your hopeless children over balconies? Yes
Michael, did you have inappropriate relationships with children? Yes
Michael, did you live in an amusement park and love animals a little too much that made people uncomfortable? Also, yes
Michael, have you lived life full of sex, drugs and alcohol? Yup

Here's the deal, was anyone suprised that he died at 50? You put your body through that much and I think living to 50 is a pretty decent age. Also, has anyone played his music in the past 10 years? No! I actually thought he was already dead, so when I heard he died my immediate reaction was, "Oh". I don't find joy in people's death and I realize he's human...or was at one point, but I don't understand the shock.

The real kicker are all these "fans". I have only heard Michael Jackson jokes since I was a teenager; all people did was make innappropriate jokes, yet all of the sudden people are flying in from all over the world to go to his funeral and take pictures of his star on Hollywood Blvd--which is a huge dirty let down for those who have never been to Hollywood. Stop the crying, stop the news and endless documentaries, stop pretending that, "He inspired you to dance and sing" or that you "grew up on Michael Jackson". Guess what? He doesn't know you nor does he care that you were his fan. Sorry you flew from Africa, drove cross country, and shed an unnecessary tear for him--just stop because you haven't listenedd to a song of his for at least 7 years. If we want to remember his music that is great--do benefit concert, sell some CD's to all the wannabe fans and put it toward a pretend music and dance school for the underprivledged so you feel nice and call it a day.

That is all.
(side note, this was Ryan...not that anyone would have thought otherwise because Erica couldn't be that insensitive if she tried)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 years!

I often get the question asked, "Where are you from?" I find this difficult to answer. I usually say San Diego because my family has been there for the longest and we moved there when I was 14, but here's the rundown
-Born: Salt Lake City
-Stansbutry Park UT til the 5th grade
-Mexico until 9th (ended 8th grade)
-9th Grade Augusta, GA (9 months)
-San Diego from Freshman year til halfway through Sophmore year
-Moved to UT for the last half of Sophmore and beginning of Junior and then back to SD for last half of Junior year and then back to UT for the last half and stayed my Senior year.

So where does that mean I'm from? Your guess is as good as mine. I did run for Senior Class President the end of my Junior Year--no one tells you you'd have to plan reunions for the rest of your life--this might of changed my decision about running. I ended up having the "privledge" of closing out the 20th century at Tooele High School as the President.

I often wondered why I went back. Say what you will about Tooele (most of it's probably true, sorry mom), but some of the best people I know are from there. After going to the reunion I knew exactly why I went back--I love these guys.
Class officers 1999 (10 years later)
aren't we sexy?

Not only do I have rad friends, but they married rad people! I love these guys! friends. Holly and Alana and me and Tom. We were all inseparable. Alana and Tom married each other, Holly and I...would have murdered each other if we were ever together, but as friends we are extremely fun.

Some of my best girly friends...clearly I was closer in this picture than I thought. Don't worry she is married and pregnant--how great does she look?!
10 years ago I could have told you these girls would be the "life of the party"--which means drunk. Still, gotta love em!

I wished all my dates in high school were this hot and ended like this--not so much. I actually don't even think I had a date in high school.
Here are some pics of the venue, The Salt Lake Hardware Building. I searched all over for a place to have the reunion and this was by far the best--it was one of the best parts of the reunion. I felt cool just being there.
Needless to say it was a blast...not sure if I ever want to plan another reunion, but I wouldn't trade this one. Though I find the lyrics of our Alma Mater slightly creepy as they read, "We are here to stay until we die, forever and forever in Tooele", I do know my friendships will last that long.

Thanks for following this long post--I have some very important things I need to get off my chest about Michael Jackshon and Walmart (separately), so look for mean posts ahead.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun, Festivities, Food, Friends, Fourth of July

Nothing says Independence Day like sunshine and the sand. The best thing about good friends is they will drive down from UT spur of the moment and enjoy the weekend with you. Tom and Alana have been my best friends since I was three years old--you can't not have a good time when you are around these two. Erica and Alana are cut from the same mold and Tom and I find each other hilarious so it is extremely entertaining. We were able to hang out with our good friends Mia, Nate, Brittany, Derek and Jack (Camryn's boyfriend). We have so many amazing friends and feel so blessed.

Kyacking in La Jolla. The truck got stuck in the sand, the sun was hiding but we still had a blast and Alana was a pro for her first time!Two words--wedding bells! Jack is very aggresive and judging by Camryn's passionate expression it looks like she doesn't mind at all. Does it cuter than this?!
The gang gettin' hot and bubbly!

So Patriotic! It's so cute and cheesey it makes you want to throw up doesn't it?

Camryn just horsin' around

I don't know what it is about this picture but I want to keep her this way forever. She loved floating around in the pool while Alana and I laid out and the boys went to play tennis.

This was after our delicious BBQ. Ryan decided not to be patriotic like the rest of us apparently...what's with purple on the 4th?! After our BBQ, Derek and Brittany came back over for more hot tub time and then we watched the fireworks from the balcony and the boys jumped into the pool from there. I was glad they were clothed unlike Ryan's brothers last year.

Camryn loves her Grandma and we love that Grandma is so willing to babysit all the time. They both had such a great time together. Grandpa was celebrating independence in Hong Kong--I'm sure it was extremely patriotic. We can't wait to have him come home.

It was one of the best 4th of July's. Thanks everyone for making the effort to come play with us. Hopefully we can keep up this fun tradition. Tom and Alana, we love you guys and hope you come down again soon!