Monday, July 13, 2009

Enough is Enough

Alright, here we go. If you are sensitive or easily offended I suggest you don't read this. It may be a long post so I'm also not offended if you don't continue; I just really need to express this.

First off, too many people blame the media for everything; I love the media, they present hours upon hours of meaningless entertainment--they even promote good stuff once in awhile. I consume all types of media and I enjoy it--hooray media, we love you. Here's what I don't love--Michael Jackson.

Michael, were you a great entertainer? Yes
Michael, were you a talented musician? Yes
Michael, were you an insane dancer? Yes

Now Michael, did you have plastic surgery that likened you unto Skeletor? Yes
Michael, did you dangle your hopeless children over balconies? Yes
Michael, did you have inappropriate relationships with children? Yes
Michael, did you live in an amusement park and love animals a little too much that made people uncomfortable? Also, yes
Michael, have you lived life full of sex, drugs and alcohol? Yup

Here's the deal, was anyone suprised that he died at 50? You put your body through that much and I think living to 50 is a pretty decent age. Also, has anyone played his music in the past 10 years? No! I actually thought he was already dead, so when I heard he died my immediate reaction was, "Oh". I don't find joy in people's death and I realize he's human...or was at one point, but I don't understand the shock.

The real kicker are all these "fans". I have only heard Michael Jackson jokes since I was a teenager; all people did was make innappropriate jokes, yet all of the sudden people are flying in from all over the world to go to his funeral and take pictures of his star on Hollywood Blvd--which is a huge dirty let down for those who have never been to Hollywood. Stop the crying, stop the news and endless documentaries, stop pretending that, "He inspired you to dance and sing" or that you "grew up on Michael Jackson". Guess what? He doesn't know you nor does he care that you were his fan. Sorry you flew from Africa, drove cross country, and shed an unnecessary tear for him--just stop because you haven't listenedd to a song of his for at least 7 years. If we want to remember his music that is great--do benefit concert, sell some CD's to all the wannabe fans and put it toward a pretend music and dance school for the underprivledged so you feel nice and call it a day.

That is all.
(side note, this was Ryan...not that anyone would have thought otherwise because Erica couldn't be that insensitive if she tried)


Carrie said...

i agree you with all of his wierdnessities. It's too bad he was who he was the last 20 years. Yuck and sad!

Total cool before then though.

Amanda said...


Amy said...

Thank you for someone finally remembering who Michael really was. How quickly everyone forgot what a freak he was. A few years ago people wanted to throw him under a bus because of the whole child molestaion case, now those same people are in tears over his "untimely death". He was a freak people!! Granted he had some good music long ago and in another life. I'll give him that, but nothing else.

Was that too insensitive? Oops.

nikki said...

Love that you put this out there. I've been feeling it but had to rely on you to be insensitive.

My Name is Mike said...

I wonder if he moonwalked to heaven.....

The Yardley's said...

SERIOUSLY!!!! people keep saying "i cant believe he died". well i can. remember the last time you saw him? he was basically a cripple. please. and poor farrah faucet. he stole her thunder.

Greg said...

Would you judge me if I told you that my ward sang that free willie song in the stake roadshow? Actually the person you need to judge is the crazy choir lady who made us sing that stupid song...Strangely ironic that mormon youth choir was singing a michael jackson song

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

fyi, I've had a Michael Jackson ringtone for the last several years. He was a weirdo for sure, but I do love his music.

Brenda said...

Could you have picked a freakier head shot?!? I was not expecting to see this scary picture when I checked out your blog! Not fun when I was expecting to look at Camryn.

When I was in YW I was asked to answer questions and put it in a time capsule. Six year later I read that my favorite song was ABC/123 by Michael Jackson. Too bad that cute little guy, who was only two years younger than me, became a freaky looking guy. But give him some slack, he had a crazy Dad!

Tolly and Lennon said...

So what you're saying is that you think it's weird that I've been camped outside Neverland ranch gates, wearing a white glove and holding a Thriller poster for almost three weeks?

Erica said...

Sicko Jacko! He really was talented and made some great music but nothing can make us all forget how disgusting and bizarre he got! That picture says it all! It really is fascinating that he is that white! Leave it to Ryan to bring this up! I am glad we were all able to get this off our chests.

Carrie said...

p.s. just saw Dennis Miller on Fox tonight talking about how not shocking it was. You should have heard him...he totally was echoing your words.

oh and good point Erica...the skin baffles me. I didn't watch television coverage of his death or funeral stuff...was everyone drewling and not mentioning oddities? crazies

Chase and Nichole said...

I think you should have a daily column in a newspaper about stuff like this. I totally agree, so why can't I turn the channel when a story about him comes on? THe coolest thing they have shown so far is his hair catching on fire! Yeah and what are people our age talking about trying to say "they were his biggest fan", um we were not even born yet or maybe like two when he was so big.