Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 years!

I often get the question asked, "Where are you from?" I find this difficult to answer. I usually say San Diego because my family has been there for the longest and we moved there when I was 14, but here's the rundown
-Born: Salt Lake City
-Stansbutry Park UT til the 5th grade
-Mexico until 9th (ended 8th grade)
-9th Grade Augusta, GA (9 months)
-San Diego from Freshman year til halfway through Sophmore year
-Moved to UT for the last half of Sophmore and beginning of Junior and then back to SD for last half of Junior year and then back to UT for the last half and stayed my Senior year.

So where does that mean I'm from? Your guess is as good as mine. I did run for Senior Class President the end of my Junior Year--no one tells you you'd have to plan reunions for the rest of your life--this might of changed my decision about running. I ended up having the "privledge" of closing out the 20th century at Tooele High School as the President.

I often wondered why I went back. Say what you will about Tooele (most of it's probably true, sorry mom), but some of the best people I know are from there. After going to the reunion I knew exactly why I went back--I love these guys.
Class officers 1999 (10 years later)
aren't we sexy?

Not only do I have rad friends, but they married rad people! I love these guys! friends. Holly and Alana and me and Tom. We were all inseparable. Alana and Tom married each other, Holly and I...would have murdered each other if we were ever together, but as friends we are extremely fun.

Some of my best girly friends...clearly I was closer in this picture than I thought. Don't worry she is married and pregnant--how great does she look?!
10 years ago I could have told you these girls would be the "life of the party"--which means drunk. Still, gotta love em!

I wished all my dates in high school were this hot and ended like this--not so much. I actually don't even think I had a date in high school.
Here are some pics of the venue, The Salt Lake Hardware Building. I searched all over for a place to have the reunion and this was by far the best--it was one of the best parts of the reunion. I felt cool just being there.
Needless to say it was a blast...not sure if I ever want to plan another reunion, but I wouldn't trade this one. Though I find the lyrics of our Alma Mater slightly creepy as they read, "We are here to stay until we die, forever and forever in Tooele", I do know my friendships will last that long.

Thanks for following this long post--I have some very important things I need to get off my chest about Michael Jackshon and Walmart (separately), so look for mean posts ahead.


Amy said...

Forever and Ever in Toole?! Glad you got out. I have the same problem as you right now, everyone here keeps asking us where we are from and we say "near Sacramento" except then they say oh is that where you just came from. And then we have to tell them, well "really we haven't ever lived in CA our whole married life..." I'm not going to say we're from Pittsburgh!!

Can't wait to hear you blog about MJ and Walmart. I thought Mike and I were the only ones who weren't so fond of MJ in his later years. I'm on the edge of my seat.

Brenda said...

Okay, enough of the Tooele jokes already! I have to agree there are plenty of redneck jokes to be made, and probably justified, but there are many wonderful people that I will always consider dear friends. I love the picture of all your high school friends. I remember when you were all in kindergarten together and I can still see the same personalities in each of your faces. You have all grown up to be beauties, inside as well as out. Isn't it nice to get past all the drama and truly enjoy people for who they are and who they have become?

Desiree + Dyer + Isabelle said...

Love these pics. Love your blog!

Camryn is PRECIOUS!

Looks like the reunion was a blast. I talked with Keara the other day and she mentioned how great it was to see you all!!

(huge kudos on the work that went into the reunion)

So most of the people I recognize .. but the girls in the picture that you have something about them being the "life of the party" and the guy in the class officer pic (not Cody) I don't recognize?..

Hope that all is well!
Desiree (Kuras)

Tolly and Lennon said...

Remember in first grade how we used to play face cards on the blacktop while all the less sophisticated six year olds played on slides and swings? We were so ahead of our time...

I'm so glad we have these pictures. I'm glad I went, too -- you did great and made it a nice night for everyone. Call us if you make it to Vegas this month for sure :)

Nichelle Jensen said...

That looks like such a fun group! I'm so glad you posted the dancing pictures too! Lezlie is planning ours right now for next June. I don't know if you guys have chatted already about this, but i bet she would love any suggestions from your experience. Camryn's gonna have some sweet ritmo with you two as parents!

Chase and Nichole said...

Yeah I forgot how you really are from everywhere! You know your reunion would not have been half as cool if you had not planned it! I want to go to mine next year but Chase hates Modesto almost as much as me and I am not sure how to drag him there! And I love those pics of you and Erica, tender. Looking forward to your Walmart/Michael Jackson post. I HATE Walmart. Did you know they want to build a Walmart in Alpine? Chase is so pissed. He says we are never going to live there if they ruin it by putting a Walmart in!

Chase and Nichole said...

p.s. not like we could afford to live in Alpine anytime soon on a firefighter's salary, but one can only dream...

nikki said...

Good job on your reunion (gorgeous venue too) and all the pics looks so fun. Bet you are glad to have that behind you - do you have to do the next ones too?

Can't wait to hear your take on MJ. I get super exhausted by all the energy put into celebrities that have passed. I was the only one on the planet that was so over it when Princess Diana died. I have nostalgia for his music but that is it.

So Erica, are we going to SYTYCD when they tour? I would love it. I wanted to watch last week's show over and over again too. Can't wait to see what the new partner thing will be like.

Holy long comment!!!

Carrie said...

That venue is gorgeous! What a cool reunion...pretty sure most reunions are not cool like that. why am i not surprised that you made it "smart" worthy? Good job!!! What a relief to be done! The pictures are hilarious.
i think you got lost in the high school timeline...i'm still confused around the freshman-junior timeframe:)

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

Looks like you had tons of fun. I love the pics. It is fun to see your personality come out in them. Thanks for visiting while you were out here. Just kidding. It would have been great to see you guys but I know you are always so busy when your out here. Your just way to popular. Hope all is well. Your daughter is so stinkin cute

Lezlie Wagner said...

ah! I loved reading your past few posts... although, reading about your ten year makes me sick and wish that I could fast forward my life one and a half years... sr. class pres.= worst job ever~

lil lola said...
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lil lola said...

Ok, so I have no idea why Google shows my name as "lil lola" on here, but whatever, it's heidi.

lil lola said...

As much as it would be great to have you here, no forever in Tooele! Scary! Also, you spelled "privilege" wrong. There is no D. Love, your favorite snob, grammar and otherwise. Please bring Erica and Camryn to see me post haste. Thank you!