Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend we spent our time with the Smart's. Brenda was graduating with her Masters in Social Work so we were all their to attend (minus Whitney who was attending her Track Banquet). We are so proud of her for finishing and can't wait for her to have her life back!

Camryn, Me, Ryan, Greg, Jake, Grad and Cody (David's behind the camera)

The graduate and the grandbaby

After the graduation we went to a really fun restuarant in Old Town called Rockin' Baja and boy was it rockin'! We got these ridiculously large and amazing buckets of lobster, shrimp, chicken and carne asada! We highly recommend it, but make sure you invite us when you go!

Camryn provided the entertainment.

Camryn got a fun new chair for Grandma's house! How cute is that? Now she just needs a friend or maybe a cousin.

We made it to the beach on Saturday but we didn't stay long as you can tell by no swimsuits. However, this is rather normal in my family since they are used to the cold beaches of Santa Cruz. Maybe next year we can talk them into coming down here.

A holiday weekend would not be complete without a good BBQ. Ryan's brothers raided their dad's closet and found these sweet gems. Don't they look dashing?!

We also got to see Ryan's cousin Erika and her husband Jensen who were down for a little vacay. No I am not pointing at Erika, I have no idea what I am doing actually!

On Monday we did a little shopping and then went and enjoyed some of Phil's BBQ in Downtown San Diego on Monday...a must go as well! Do they not look like twins here? So handsome and so adorable! After we had full tummies we hit up the San Diego Zoo. We recently got season passes so this isn't the last you'll see of a post like this. I know you're as excited as I am.

The flamingos were Camryn's favorite. I think because there were so many she couldn't miss them, they are bright and they move around a lot. She will soon appreciate the zoo a little more!

They were actually one of our favorites as well because late spring the babies are born! You can see on the left side a gray little chick and an egg on the right side. So cute and fascinating the the chicks are gray and then turn so pink!

Not sure if she like the hair or the ride more...probably the hair!

The Zoo also has a new home for the Elephants, or should I say Mansion. The Elephant Odysessy was $45 million! It is over 7 acres and people joke that they wish they lived as well as these Elephants. It is really cool and I am glad we got to see it shortly after it opened. This is a picture of one of the Elephants with is tusks shaved off, not sure why, something I need to read up on as our baby starts asking questions. Good thing I have plenty of time for that. What a fun weekend again! Man we are getting spoiled! We are home this weekend so that may humble us a little.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm a Survivor....

Okay not yet, but I did go to an Open Call for Survivor Samoa. After watching the past 5 Seasons, it has really made me want to try out. There happened to be an Open Call about 25 minutes from our house and Erica actually made me do it; she downloaded the application and everything. I went in the morning by myself where they gave me a wristband and told me to come back at 3 PM. Luckily it wasn't a bad drive so I went home and worked and headed back at three, this time with the fam in tow.

Let me tell you that the people that try out for this might be the craziest people I have ever met. One lady said to me, "Oh I can't try out..."

Me: "Really why?"
Her: "I'm not a citizen"
Me: "What are you?" (I'm so subtle)
Her: "Phillipino. I got a DUI a few weeks before I turned 21 and I confessed so they denied me my citizenship"
Me: "Good job for telling the you just here supporting your friend?"
Her: "Oh this is my girlfriend, well fiance actually, when it's legal. Can you believe it's not legal in California?"
Me in my head: "Yes, and I stood on a street corner and hung door hangers so it couldn't be...but you're really nice and I don't hate you."
Me actually: (starting to sweat and nervous laughing) You could move to Hawaii--it's nice there.
They then called my name next so I was saved.

I had one minute to talk in front of a camera and tell them why I'd should be the next survivor. I so nervous and flushed I don't even remember what I said other than, "I'm sure you already have your token crazy guy, because I stood in line with him--he has on a black vest and cowboy boots." I wasn't lying this guy has tried out 8 times. He was old and I'm pretty sure he harmed small animals.

I did meet some nice people in line and we already made alliances. I'm pretty sure I'll win. So here are the reasons I think I'd made a good Survivor:

1. I am clearly not a physical threat, so I'll just be the average guy for awhile-BUT I'm pretty scrappy, like a mongoose waiting to strike
2. I make friends pretty easy and there are always 2 crazy people, 1 old person, 1 really weak person, 1 insanely ripped person, and one prostitue-type girl that the other girls try and get voted off--that puts me in a decent position
3. I am excellent at extracting information out of people and getting them to trust me.

Here are reasons why I could get voted off immediately:

1. I can't lie so I'm sure I'd tell everyone everything and completely get myself in the WORST social situations early on.
2. I find it difficult to keep my mouth shut--I know I would end up telling someone off and get vote off
3. I could possible die

One question on the application I found interesting was, "What would you do for a million dollars?" I found it difficult to articulate. I said that I would do almost anything that didn't compromise my morals--but I'd eat poo.

Please feel free to answer that same question on the comments section. I am sure I won't go any farther than the Open Call, but here's to living life with no regrets...I'll get famous somehow.

Here I am--ready or not...

My girls supporting their crazy Dad

She is very excited about me trying out

Monday, May 18, 2009

Unexpected Trip to Utah

This past Monday Ryan got a call that his Grandpa had passed away. A few weeks ago he was having chest pain so he went in to have it checked out. He had a major heart surgery a year ago and the valves were all blocked up again. He said the doctors pretty much told him not to buy green bananas. They knew he was much to old to be able to preform the surgery. After 92 years he passed away on May 11th. He was married to his wife Marian for 67 years, had 8 children, 38 grandchildren, 73 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild. He lived a very healthy and happy life.

So Thursday night came and we packed our things and headed up to Utah to be with the rest of the family. After Ryan got home from work we drove all night and got there at 4 am! The funeral was so nice, it was great seeing everyone and great to finally meet some of the family I had never met before. This is a picture of the 8 kids and Ryan's Grandma in the center.

Greg and Jake with Camryn not sure who loves who more?

The Smart Family minus Cody and Whitney who couldn't make it.

After Friday's events we were able to have a fun day on Saturday. We woke up and went for a long walk on these beautiful trails that lead to the most amazing houses, views and huge park. We have decided that we like Park City more in the Spring time than we do in the winter. We are trying to convince my in-laws to buy one of those amazing houses and it turns out Chris and Lindsay have their eye on one as well. After our walk we had Ryan's parents take us out to their property in Oakley. It was so beautiful this time of year and the river on their lot was gigantic and so pretty! We are excited for them to build on that!

Then Ryan's cousin Mandy came up and hung out with us so we could see her adorable daughter Charley that wasn't at the funeral. It was so great to hang out and our kids loved each other. Check out Camryn's tan!!!

Then it was off to Provo! We wanted to drive down the Provo Canyon because it is one of our favorite drives and so we decided to met up with the Tandy's. Nichole has become one of my good blogging friends and Ryan was good friends with her before we started dating so it was great to finally meet up. We had never met her sweet husband Chase and baby Brielle so we stopped and had dinner at The Rio!

These little girls are only 11 days apart so it was great to finally see them together! Brielle is the sweetest most mellow girl...can't you tell the difference between them just from this picture! We wish these guys lived closer so we could hang out more often! Thanks for meeting up with us guys!

A Provo trip would not be complete if we did not drive by BYU, our old apartments and best of grab Maverick Frozen Yogurt! I had to do this for Brittany and Mia who could only really appreciate it considering we had this at least a billion times while we were in College.
We had such a blast this weekend! We were so glad we made the long trek and can't wait to come back in a month for Ryan's HS reunion!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baseball, BBQ & Best Mother's Day Ever!

Kirby and Scott made it back from Spain safe and sound and the very next day they came out to see us! (Well on their way to Reno for Summer sales.) We decided we should hit up our very own Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball game. Who would have thought it would be sold out?! So we were stuck with the grass seats. Would have been fun with more blankets to sit on and not having every kid slide down the grass hill right next to us. You can see the craziness going on right behind us! Poor Camryn was so confused and would only stay alseep if I held her. After seating through 8 inning we moved to seats with Kirby and Scott to actual seats and enjoyed an awwesome firework show! We now know to get tickets early and get a babysitter! Depsite the issues it was great to hang out with Mia, Nate, Kirby, Scott and Lezlie (she is off to Ghana for 2 months)!

Saturday we said good-bye to the Fishes for the summer, man we wish they lived closer! It was such a nice day we went to the pool and then headed to Temecula where Ryan took me to Lucille's BBQ for Mother's Day!!! We ate SO much...a full rack of baby back ribs and half a chicken and boy was it good! It so fun to go out since we don't do it much anymore!
On Mother's Day we headed down to San Diego to spend the day with Ryan's family to be with his mom and his little brother Greg was in town! Sadly we didn't get any pictures! But I got a fun beach bag full of goodies from Brenda and a Mommy playdate with Brittany. Both of our hubbies got together and got us gift cards to get pedicures and go out to lunch! So thoughtful! But all I really wanted was for Camryn to POOP! It had been 5 days and after apple and prune juice, laxatives and supositories I got what I wished for! Poor little girl!

She is finally back to her fun self again. She is loving to stand, pull herself up while holding your hands, babbling ma-ma-ma and ba-ba-ba and dances when you say da-da-da. Unfortunately there is very little to report on her tummy! Man I wish she liked it more. Hopefully something will come of it this month; at least she is cute!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling like a Summer Weekend

Last Friday I went down to Brittany's in Carlsbad to spend a day together. It was great seeing their cute place and hanging out for the day. Camryn loved all of Jack's big boy toys and was completely entertained by him. She would not take her eyes off him! We are hoping one day Jack will feel the same about Camryn.
Since it was an overcast day we headed to the Flower Fields instead of the beach and I am glad we did. These fields are just something you need to see (once). They are probably on their last month, but still so pretty.

She wasn't to interested in having her picture taken she just wanted to pull the petals off all the flowers. Still think we got a good picture.

After walking around in the dirt I asked, " Brittany, wow, how did your feet get so tan?" She replies, "Um, yeah, I think it is just dirt!" Well could have fooled me! We may try and market it.
Afterward we let the kids play at the playground and by kids I mean Jack because all Camryn can do is sit on colorful mushrooms...just as fun.
It was awesome spending the day together. It is so nice breaking the week up with mommy dates like these. Since I was down that way I decided to head to my in-laws where Ryan met me and we stayed the night. Saturday was so fun because we were finally able to spend time with Brenda since she is just about done with school. And let's just say we scored big time!

Camryn got these cute sandals along with many other clothes, I got a pair of jeans, Ryan a pair of shorts and I won't list what Brenda got! Let's just say we love Brenda not stressed out and can't wait for more times like this to spend with her in the future. Thanks so much!

That night Mia got tickets to go see The California Ballet Company in Downtown San Diego. Any chance I get to see a ballet I am there. I still haven't convinced Ryan but we are working on it. I was really looking forward to see a good show but we were a little let down. The dancing was mediocre, costumes we very simple and the choregraphy...not so good. I may be a tough critic but I want people to realize that ballet can be SO good and not this ok stuff. Isn't Ryan looking good? He has already lost a ton of weight!

Here is Mia and Nate showing off their moves. Eventhough it wasn't the best we still had a fun night out with these two and without Camryn. Thanks Mia for the tickets and the free parking! Such a fun weekend; I can't wait for more to come!