Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling like a Summer Weekend

Last Friday I went down to Brittany's in Carlsbad to spend a day together. It was great seeing their cute place and hanging out for the day. Camryn loved all of Jack's big boy toys and was completely entertained by him. She would not take her eyes off him! We are hoping one day Jack will feel the same about Camryn.
Since it was an overcast day we headed to the Flower Fields instead of the beach and I am glad we did. These fields are just something you need to see (once). They are probably on their last month, but still so pretty.

She wasn't to interested in having her picture taken she just wanted to pull the petals off all the flowers. Still think we got a good picture.

After walking around in the dirt I asked, " Brittany, wow, how did your feet get so tan?" She replies, "Um, yeah, I think it is just dirt!" Well could have fooled me! We may try and market it.
Afterward we let the kids play at the playground and by kids I mean Jack because all Camryn can do is sit on colorful mushrooms...just as fun.
It was awesome spending the day together. It is so nice breaking the week up with mommy dates like these. Since I was down that way I decided to head to my in-laws where Ryan met me and we stayed the night. Saturday was so fun because we were finally able to spend time with Brenda since she is just about done with school. And let's just say we scored big time!

Camryn got these cute sandals along with many other clothes, I got a pair of jeans, Ryan a pair of shorts and I won't list what Brenda got! Let's just say we love Brenda not stressed out and can't wait for more times like this to spend with her in the future. Thanks so much!

That night Mia got tickets to go see The California Ballet Company in Downtown San Diego. Any chance I get to see a ballet I am there. I still haven't convinced Ryan but we are working on it. I was really looking forward to see a good show but we were a little let down. The dancing was mediocre, costumes we very simple and the choregraphy...not so good. I may be a tough critic but I want people to realize that ballet can be SO good and not this ok stuff. Isn't Ryan looking good? He has already lost a ton of weight!

Here is Mia and Nate showing off their moves. Eventhough it wasn't the best we still had a fun night out with these two and without Camryn. Thanks Mia for the tickets and the free parking! Such a fun weekend; I can't wait for more to come!


Brenda said...

I enjoyed the weekend even more than you guys. One more 20 page paper to write and I'm DONE!!! You now have a mother/mother-in-law/ and grandmother back in the picture. I appreciate all of the love and support I have been giving during my master's program. Let the playing and shopping begin!

Brenda said...

correction...the love and support I have been "given". You guys have given me love, support, patience....and most importantly CAMRYN!!! I love you.

The Davenports said...

I love the picture of you and camryn with all the flowers! So pretty. I am taking Floral Design and since then I am obsessed with flowers. I also noticed Camryn was wearing a bow in all her pictures, good job in sticking with it haha!

Amanda said...

I can't believe that all the years I lived in San Diego, I never went to the Carlsbad flower fields. I drove by them a lot, but never went. Jack would be lucky to have a girl like Camryn. She's adorable and he's a little hunk too. I see so much more of Brittany in him than I did before!
Oh, and no, we didn't get a new camera. For our mutual activity this last week we had a guy come teach us about photography and I was playing around with some settings yesterday. It's about time I learn how to use that thing!

nikki said...

Mommy playdates are truly one of the best things about being at home! They have saved my sanity many times over.

Too bad about the ballet - I am with you all the way. Patrick has been with me long enough that he finally understands good vs. not so good ballet. But you had a great night out with friends which is awesome!

And who doesn't love a mini shopping spree?!

Can't wait to see you - the boys are ready to maul Camryn! :)

J,D and Little B said...

Hi thanks for stopping by! Yeah it's crazy you are a Loveridge too! I feel like its a pretty unique name and I was pretty stoked to have it has my "new" last name. You little girl is darling too!

Chase and Nichole said...

Looks like fun! I LOVE your outfit in the pic of you and Ryan. LOVE IT! I love the ballet too, but I was never a ballerina. The only ballet I have ever seen is the San Fransisco Ballet Company, if that is what they are even called. Camryn is adorable as usual :)

Karen M. said...

I didn't realize there were so many flowers when you described your visit to me. I guess that's why they are called fields. The color looks so pretty! I can't wait until Camryn is being "entertained" by her cousins so I can watch. Too bad about the ballet. Hope Ryan doesn't completely loose interest and not be willing to go before he gets to see a good one.

Carrie said...

How fun! Even though you don't have your friends in your neighborhood, how lucky to have such good friends in easy driving distances! It's funny, I'd never heard of the flower fields before this year and forget where, but recently saw a picture and was going to ask you if you'd ever been! Gorgeous! reminds me of the netherlands tulip fields...I need to go someday!

Camryn is just so cute! I was just thinking though how different she looks than I would have pictured your daughter ~ pre Ryan...makes total sense with Ryan as your Husband though. She is so cute!, thanks for your comment, it was so sweet!

Trent & Brooke said...

looks like so much fun! miss you guys:) (and secretly i wish i could go on mommy play dates with you and brittany!)

Brittany and Derek said...

love mommy playdates!...and actually with Camryn getting older it's becoming more of kids playdates. Sad we missed the ballet....but perhaps not too sad after the review. You are ryan make one hot couple! And gotta love Mia's ballerina moves!

Greggory & Kate said...

Erica! Those flower field pictures are amazing!??! Where is that at - I want to go?!

Also, can you do me the hugest favor and send me Annie's email address?? She comments on my blog all the time and I want to comment on hers but I can't see it but I have no way of contacting her!?

Thank you dearest....little cam is growing up so fast.....her outfits are too cute for me!