Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm a Survivor....

Okay not yet, but I did go to an Open Call for Survivor Samoa. After watching the past 5 Seasons, it has really made me want to try out. There happened to be an Open Call about 25 minutes from our house and Erica actually made me do it; she downloaded the application and everything. I went in the morning by myself where they gave me a wristband and told me to come back at 3 PM. Luckily it wasn't a bad drive so I went home and worked and headed back at three, this time with the fam in tow.

Let me tell you that the people that try out for this might be the craziest people I have ever met. One lady said to me, "Oh I can't try out..."

Me: "Really why?"
Her: "I'm not a citizen"
Me: "What are you?" (I'm so subtle)
Her: "Phillipino. I got a DUI a few weeks before I turned 21 and I confessed so they denied me my citizenship"
Me: "Good job for telling the you just here supporting your friend?"
Her: "Oh this is my girlfriend, well fiance actually, when it's legal. Can you believe it's not legal in California?"
Me in my head: "Yes, and I stood on a street corner and hung door hangers so it couldn't be...but you're really nice and I don't hate you."
Me actually: (starting to sweat and nervous laughing) You could move to Hawaii--it's nice there.
They then called my name next so I was saved.

I had one minute to talk in front of a camera and tell them why I'd should be the next survivor. I so nervous and flushed I don't even remember what I said other than, "I'm sure you already have your token crazy guy, because I stood in line with him--he has on a black vest and cowboy boots." I wasn't lying this guy has tried out 8 times. He was old and I'm pretty sure he harmed small animals.

I did meet some nice people in line and we already made alliances. I'm pretty sure I'll win. So here are the reasons I think I'd made a good Survivor:

1. I am clearly not a physical threat, so I'll just be the average guy for awhile-BUT I'm pretty scrappy, like a mongoose waiting to strike
2. I make friends pretty easy and there are always 2 crazy people, 1 old person, 1 really weak person, 1 insanely ripped person, and one prostitue-type girl that the other girls try and get voted off--that puts me in a decent position
3. I am excellent at extracting information out of people and getting them to trust me.

Here are reasons why I could get voted off immediately:

1. I can't lie so I'm sure I'd tell everyone everything and completely get myself in the WORST social situations early on.
2. I find it difficult to keep my mouth shut--I know I would end up telling someone off and get vote off
3. I could possible die

One question on the application I found interesting was, "What would you do for a million dollars?" I found it difficult to articulate. I said that I would do almost anything that didn't compromise my morals--but I'd eat poo.

Please feel free to answer that same question on the comments section. I am sure I won't go any farther than the Open Call, but here's to living life with no regrets...I'll get famous somehow.

Here I am--ready or not...

My girls supporting their crazy Dad

She is very excited about me trying out


Amanda said...

There are never enough Mormons on Survivor. The Mormon who won it last time was gay and then Tyson was inactive, so maybe the fact that you are active, a father, and a nice guy will be a little different. That would be awesome if you made it!

Chase and Nichole said...

Ha HA HA! I had no idea you loved Survivor so much! I would love it if you made it!I would watch you every week! I could totally picture your facial expressions and tone when you were talking to lesbian phillipino woman! If you get picked maybe Ariana will let you take one of her stuffed kittens...
What would I do for a million dollars? I would give up chocolate!!

erika said...

YES! That is good stuff. You know game show try-outs (Survivor is kind of a game show, right?) run in the family. You'll have to ask Uncle Neil about Burt Reynolds being a famous dancer...

I hope you got Jensen's e-mail (he totally sent it all by himself!) because we're coming down tonight! Hopefully we'll be seeing you??

Trent & Brooke said...

oh my... i can see it now! wow. i think you'd be real good at forming those alliances, and yes-probably be in some awkward situations... but i think you could really make it. i do.

The Yardley's said...

this is awesome. i cant wait for you to be famous.

i would pretty much do anything for a million dollars. except eat poo.

Amy said...

Oh that would just be so awesome if you got in! I think you'd be great on the show. You definitely wouldn't be the first one voted off, your too funny! Hey if you don't make it this season, you should do it right and make a video next season!

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

I would love watching you on that show. However, I am not so sure how well you would survive. I am pretty sure you like the comforts of your bed and shower. As do I. That would be a great way to loose those ten pounds though. You would for sure beat your dad then!

The Mumfords said...

Trying out for survivor sounds way better than trying out for Jeopardy(which we both did). It just makes you feel really dumb when you can't answer ANY of the questions. I like the survivor questions better. I would like to think I would do anything for a million dollars, but I really wouldn't. Hope you get on the show!

Brad said...

I would live in a 500 sq. foot 2-bedroom apt with 6 adults and 2 babies for one week.

lauren ann said...

You are killin me!!! L.O.V.E love it. Mike and I were seriously considering trying out for The Amazing Race, but then decided it just might ruin our marriage- this is a much better idea. I hope you played up the Morm card and made yourself sound really weird. Are you guys coming to UT anytime soon- I want to squeeze that little girl, and of course hang out with you to

Lindsey Fox said...

Did you know I tried to be on Survivor about 5 seasons ago? Yup. But I had no luck. Did you watch the Morman on there this season? Wow, he was a character.

Our next go at fame is the Amazing Race! I'll let you know how that one goes...