Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?!!!

I got to go to the finale dance show!!! Sunday night I get a call from a friend in my ward, Jennifer Johnson, who had 8 tickets for the Wednesday night show! Lucky enough for me she remember how obsessed I was with the show and so she offered two tickets to me! it just so happened that this was the week my mom was in town and is just as obsessed and so she got to come while Ryan watched the baby! So yes, I went two times this year and got to got she the finale show! Saying it was fun would be an understatement. We had such a good time going as mother daughter and with the Wilson girls, Haylee and Alyssa, such fun girls!
We got to Hollywood early enough to walk around Hollywood and Highland and do a little shopping. Then the show started and are seats were great. Second balcony forth or fifth row up kinda over to the right if you looking at the balcony (my mom is wearing a red shirt and I am in green and purple for those who want to find us). Tonight's show is SO good, great dancing, funny comments and amazing energy in the Kodak Theater. About half way through the show the host,Cory, of the live taping that keeps the audience entertained came up to our balcony. Haylee, Alyssa and I stood up trying to get his attention and he would not give it to us until Alyssa went to sit down and fell on her butt! So that did it! leave it to an embarrassing moment to get you noticed. He interviewed her on what happened and then she said she needed a different chair, one that won't make her fall and so he asked if she wanted Nigel's seat! We all started getting our shoes on (minus my mom who was so embarrassed!) because we thought we were going down to the Judges seats during the commercial break. Nigel's seat didn't work out but we got second best, the box seats down lower and closer to everything! So now if you want to look for us we are on the left side in the last box on the bottom row, who know what view they will use for the tapeing. These seats were aweome! Leave it to Alyssa to help you out with good seats. Even my mom had to talk in the mircophone when they asked if she was the younger sister. Later on in the show he kept checking on us to see if they were better seats and if Alyssa had anymore incidents. Too bad this guy is Cory and not Ryan, boy would he love that job! Thanks so much Jennifer!

My bet is that Jeanine wins! Just as long as Evan doesn't win I am happy! Who is your pick?!


Carrie said...

No way! I can't believe you were the famous members of the audience! Crazy! That place is huge! Lucky girls! And i'm so glad you had awesome seats...I was really wondering about that since the Kodak Theater is so big! COOL! Next year I'm gonna start signing up through my email! You have lucky friends! What a fun thing to do for you guys...having spent so many days of your lives doing and going to Ballet! Cute. Just too bad Melissa wasn't in the finals...that would have been the ultimate! Yea for Ryan taking one for the team:)

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

I can't believe we got tickets again for this very performance but couldn't go...bummer. But, I am glad you were able to go! I will keep my eye out for you on tonight's show. I think Evan might win the popularity contest, but I think either Jaanine or Brandon should win. Too bad Jeanette got kicked off last week, she was my favorite. She should have won the whole thing.

Carrie said...

oh yea...what's up with the shoes? Why were they off? :)

We just caught up last night...and were so sad Ade and Melissa got booted! I agree with you on the winner, though I've enjoyed Evan, I don't think he should win.

Gotta go watch!

Amy said...

Too cool! Ok, well I need to watch the show back tonight so I can look for you better, and to watch the dances again. I think for sure the girls will be in the final 2. I thought from the begining of the season that the girls were better than the boys. What a great season! So excited that it comes on again in a month.

nikki said...

So coveting your experience but really glad you and mom got to go as mother/daughter and enjoy the obsession that is SYTYCD!!

Hopefully I will be going to my friends house today to catch up and try to see you guys in the audience and the good show.

I am hoping it is one of the girl's that will win. I like them both so I would be okay with either. Bummed that Melissa and Ade went home but I think she just wasn't as dynamic of a performer as Janine. Flawless dancer, though.

Too, too fun!

Chase and Nichole said...

How exciting! I am so happy for you that you got to go! I have never really watched that show much, but I did see one episode this season and loved it. All the exciting stuff is in CA!

The Hardy's said...

I am sooo jealous you gotta go!!!! Glad you had a blast! And I am so happy Jeanine won!