Sunday, August 9, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

We are finally getting around to blog about all that we have been doing for the past 3 or 4 weeks. We have had an extremely fun month and have squeezed in a here it goes.

Ryan and I got to go see the American Idol Concert! It was so awesome; we got free box seats and Grandma Brenda watched Camryn.

I thought it would be kinda cheesey but it ended up being such a fun concert. Here are the top 10 Idols with Kris in the middle. Man, he is good! And the night wouldn't be complete without an embarrassing earring flew off and fell in the girl's beer that was in front of me! I must have been dancing too crazy!

Next up was a quick trip to Vegas! We stayed at my brother's place so that Ryan could go see Harry Potter with those that would appreciate it...Cody and Nikki. I went and saw The Proposal by myself instead. We had a great time playing in the pool with their daugther Tessa who learned to swim while we were there. What a cute little mermaid she is and only 2 1/2!

The boys even got to take the scooters for a spin. Ryan wants one and I keep talking him out of it, doesn't make much sense with a baby!

While we were there Camryn got to borrow her cousin Hudson's walker, boy was she in heaven! It took her a day to figure it out but after that she was cruising around the whole house on her own terms! We may have to get one of our own!

Also, we got to go out with Ryan's high school friend Holly and her husband Tod. While we waited for Tod to come home from work I gave Camryn a bath. Lennon, their adorable son wanted in on the fun and hopped in! We had so much fun out to dinner with them and survived our first experience with a babysitter (Camryn was already alseep, a good way to ease into it).

Next my cute Mom came in town! Last time she was around Camryn, she was overwhelmed with all her cousins so it was great for my mom to get to know the real Camryn. Here she is eating her favorite...Plain Tart frozen yogurt! Ok, maybe it is my favorite but she loves it and now I converted my mom too.

Before SYTYCD, this was the only pic we got since we couldn't bring the camera in but I love how it turned out! Doesn't my mom look so good in my jeans?! That was such a fun night to spend together.

My mom and I also got to have pedicures! She spoiled me rotten while she was here! Nothing like a good mom to take care of all your needs and wants. Camryn was such a good girl waiting for us to be pampered. She loved all the colors!Here is Camryn playing with her new baby doll that my mom got for her. She loves hair so it was my mom's mission to find something that she could play with and not hurt her mom's head anymore! Thanks mom for coming down and spoiling us.

We got to try out our new backpack from my mom the following Saturday when we met up with Mia and Nate. We did some exploring at Point Loma in San Diego. It was so fun doing something new and the views were amazing. It reminded us a lot of our Spain trip with tennis shoes, views of the city and harbor and baby in tow.

So comfy on our hike that she fell asleep. What a great thing to have for adventures like this.

Since we were trying out new things we headed to Ocean Beach where we had Hodads (def: a nonsurfer who spends his time at beaches masquerading a surfer, also see poser). Long wait but cool atmosphere and good food.

Even Camryn wanted to try the onion rings!

My wife forgot THE most exciting, dangereous and epic tale of how I saved everyone's life while we were hiking(at least that's how I remember it). Nate and I were walking in front of the girls pondering the cosmos and quantum physics (we really were--I felt so intelligent) and not even paying attention to the road ahead. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye as we came around the bend and I immediately reached out and swiped the snake with my hands as it lunged for Nates calf--barely grazing him with its venemous fang. Okay really all I did was reach across and say, "Oh my gosh stop!" and waited while the scaly serpent slithered on. Mia has a better picture--this is only half of him, he's turning around at this point. I see why they compare the devil to a serpent-they really are evil looking creatures. None the less I felt brave--give me my moment.


Ryan Smart said...

For those of you who may assume or think I have a lot of clothes, you can tell I apparently only have one. Also, no one looks good in a helmet, but I may be the worst. Thanks honey for telling me it was on crooked.

PS-tell my wife that millions of people love Harry Potter and she's the weird one ;)

Kandis Mortensen said...

Cool snake adventure! Next time you're in UT, my boys may teach you how to actually catch one!
Sorry to break the news Erica... Harry Potter rocks!

The Davenports said...

You guys have a lot of fun stuff going on! We will be back in California next Sunday and I really want to go on a double date with you guys, and meet Camryn. And Erica I have to agree with you, on Harry Potter, I just dont get the hype-sorry Ryan!

Brenda said...

I can't believe you would even post pictures on a Vespa! I realize that I am judging unfairly because I secretly always wanted to be a Hells Angel growing up, but a Vespa?!?

That is the cutest picture of Camryn with her first dolly. And I can't think of a greater way to spend a Mom-date than having a pedicure, going to shows, and shopping. What fun!

I guess wearing jeans depends on your comfort level and how you grew up. I went out to Grandma Tate's house yesterday (over 80 years old) and she was in jeans. I can't picture her not in jeans. Yet I went to lunch with Dianne Rose (a little older than me) and I've never seen her in jeans.

nikki said...

Ugh snakes! I thought that was an Arizona thing - good thing you saved everyone!!

Loving Camryn with the dolly-babe! Does she love it or does it not compare to the real thing that is mom's hair?

Our mom is cute. I like her in your jeans, getting pedi's and feeding cutey-bug some yogurt.

You guys have done so much fun stuff - I feel boring! And on the Harry Potter note, all I know is Jake loves em!

Carrie said...

I should say no dull moments! Wow! You guys have been so busy! I can't believe you went to an Idol concert! I would love that! In fact, I was wondering if their ticket system is like the SYTYCD tickets that you've been so fortunate to get! The jeans on your mama are really cute. I love that she was so excited about her new baby doll:) Even going down the aisle in the store. Super cute! Camryn looks like she needs oneof those walker things! I don't feel you on the tart yogurt though...but those little rice ball thingers are awesome!

abbie said...

i love the picture of camryn with her baby doll... so sweet! and what kind of backpack is that? i've been curious about them so i'd love to check that one out. have you liked it so far??

Karen M. said...

How cute to see Camryn enjoying her new baby doll! It was a pity I didn't get to see her first reaction since we couldn't get the packaging open without scissors. You didn't explain that the finale was an unexpected surprise and that I had come to your house without something to wear or closed-toed shoes. I'm glad you think they looked ok. I was just happy that the "tight around the belly" jeans didn't give me a terrible stomachache!

Chase and Nichole said...

Fun Times! I check everyone's blog like everyother day and even thought it says you updated yours on Sunday I swear I checked yesterday and it was not there. That ever happen to you? Weird. Anyway, that backpack looks way awesome and I need to get someone to buy us one for Brielle. Glad the snake did not get you, nice save Ryan.

Chase and Nichole said...

p.s. Ryan, it seems like the pink shirt with stripes is one of your favorite's! Ha ha.

Brittany and Derek said...

Lots of fun times in the summer! and I didn't realize you went to the Idol concert. Camryn is so cute I can't even take it! Like the haircut too :)

Brad said...

Ryan, you are my hero, if no one else's.