Thursday, May 30, 2013

April Through My Iphone

Just uploaded all my iphone pics so I thought a post would be a good way to showcase all the pics I had. 
At the library-Reagan wouldn't just play with the blocks like Camryn she sat in the box and kept falling back in it. Very normal.
One of many sick days-Reagan didn't make it far from her bed and chose to watch a show in the hallway. Poor flu girl.
More sick bodies. So sad. 
Then we had a beautiful sunny day and made it outside-so I could weed and Camryn could water and pose. 
One of the girls' favorite things-going to the gas station for a drink/treat and this time riding in the front seat. They were in heaven. 
We thought Reagan was better and had preschool at our house and the poor thing could leave my lap even if it was outside and nice. 
She wants so badly to be big like Camryn and has been trying to go on the potty when she feels it! So cute, but too early in my book.
After finally feeling better and having more nice weather we hit up the zoo. I love these pics with my girls. 

A rare moment while the pandas were awake and right by the window. 
And of course the merry-go-round. Can't leave without a ride and it is always worth it.

I adore this picture I captured that day. I sure hope they will always love each other like this.
Painting with Chalk-when I feel like I am a good pinterest mom.
And that bun? Really?
After bath baby-never gets old to me. She is still a baby even if she is closer to 2 than 1.

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