Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Time in Granite Bay

From Utah, Camryn and I flew to Sacramento to be with my side of the family for our nephew Ryan's baptism and cousin/grandparent time.
The after baptism shot. Half of them are Carrie's (My SIL) family and friends. It was so fun to be able to be there for Ryan and his choice to be baptized and not too mention Camryn's obsession with him.
The cousins and my cousin's kids on the far right. So many boys!
One day we were able to go to Dylan's favorite the Jelly Belly Factory-he even has a song about it. And I think it is now Camryn's. She loved this Jelly Belly Cupcake. Two of her favorite things.
The Watson boys-love this guys so much! They are so good with Camryn (even played Barbie's with she and Emma) and just all around great boys. I have no words to describe how sad we are to see them and their parents move so far away!
Captured the 1 second she kept her hat on. Just because she knew she had to wear it she wouldn't. So stubborn that one.
Amy & Nikki with our nephews Kyle & Cade-such cute boys with dynamic personalities-at Sunsplash. We got quite the hook up! The owner is in our ward there and got the whole fam in for free! We all had so much fun. Wish I could have gotten more pictures of the kids going down slides and in the lazy river. Camryn loved that thing. We floated around it at least 10x.
2008 cousins-Camryn, Kyle & Emma-love that they have cousins close in age
Mom & Nik
One of our last nights we all went over to the golf course (my dad's second home-sometimes first) to hit balls and take the girls for a nature walk. We only found 1 bug. But I was able to find them a frog later that night.
Playing nice together-which was hard to come by near the end of 10 days together
The boys after hitting balls-how cute does Owen look with his little bag?
My mom & Dad with the kids. It was so fun spending so much time together-we wish my bro & SIL and kids could have been around more especially for Camryn to get her fill of Ryan & Sean. And that my brother Chris' fam could have come-but there is always next year. I love that we have this summer tradition. We definitely get spoiled with so much play time & great food! Thanks Mom & Dad for everything you do for us!


Brenda said...

I love the '08 cousins. Your mom and dad should frame the last picture of the kids in the cart. Your parents look fantastic....obvious by the three gorgeous girls they produced.

Amy said...

It was a fun trip. We are still talking about all the fun things we did. I love the last picture of everyone in the cart... I'm mean did you see Cam!!??

Karen M. said...

So fun! I love the pictures you got and miss all those sweet faces at my house. It was great having your visits overlap so we got to spend lots of time playing together. I found a baby praying manits this mornng and needed a bug box and someone to get excited about my find. Cute, cute families!

Carrie said...

Totally great photos! LOVE the golfing ones and the 08 cousins ones! I need to share my photos too! After my family left...I've been prepping for a RS meeting I'm speaking at tomorrow! The Sean and Cam one must be shared! It was so great you got to be here for Ryan's baptism! Thank you! We loved getting to see you, and as always...wish it was more!