Saturday, May 7, 2011

To the Mom's in my life

Happy Mother's Day to the 3 most amazing mom's I know. My first tribute is to my wife. People stare at us all the time in public and I know it's because they wonder how I ever snagged this beautiful woman. If they only knew how long I've been on Propecia to make sure I had enough hair to find a girl to marry me...I knew what an amazing person she was, but I didn't know just how amazing she would be as a mom. She really is the perfect mom-Camryn is the luckiest. I don't know anyone more patient (unless Camryn says, "talk about it Barbie" for the 104th time in a 2 minute period...then we all want to burn Barbie and never speak of her again), fun and engaging than my wife. She amazes me. I have put in some of my favorite pictures to share.
Here's beautiful mom with the little critter that started it all.
My wife danced professionally with the Sacramento Ballet and Utah Regional Ballet. I never saw her dance, and even though I really can't sit through a ballet, (sorry Karen) if I had seen this dancer I would have bought season tickets.

She is going to be extremely embarrassed that I put this picture in here because she would NEVER do anything like this on her own. Our good friend Mike made her do this with my encouragement. Every guy (and girl) has their top 5 list of celebrity crushes. Mine include the likes of Carrie Underwood, Kristin Calavarie (sp)...the list goes on with hot blondes. However I am always serious when I say that I don't think anyone is as beautiful as my wife.

Next tribute is to my mom. I know everyone loves their own mom-but on multiple occasions my friends always told me they wished they had a mom like mine-and I don't blame them. If there was a book on mom's it should have been written by this one. All mine and my brothers' guy friends wanted to date my mom (even had one ask us if they could ask her to prom) and all the girls wanted to be her when they grew up. She's one of the most spiritual, humble, smart and talented women I know. She played sports with us, laughed and cried with us, stood up for us (you should hear those stories-she could go extremely crazy if someone messed with her kids). I know she set the bar very high for myself and my brothers. Love you mom.
Check out this small town beauty. Who would have guessed she was a cheerleader, rode motorcycles and one time shoved a pencil down a boys throat in elementary school (all true stories)
She was an amazing mom-but she may actually be an even better Grandma. Camryn loves every minute with her and I know she will always love and confide in her all growing up.

Co-Author of the amazing mom book is right here. Erica decided to send her Mother's Day card while I was out of town, but I am more than happy to write this for everyone to see. You'll be hard pressed to find a woman more caring and thoughtful than Karen. I think half the reason she doesn't sleep well at night is because she's always trying to figure out a way to save the world. She would sacrifice anything not only for her family, but anyone. More important than that however is how well she cooks. I love visiting because I know there will be a constant factory of delicious food being produced in that kitchen. I realized how lucky I was at our wedding when it was so hot coming out of the temple and my mother-in-law stood armed with a cooler of Pepsi and snacks so I never went hungry or thirsty. I might have actually died with out that first aid kit.
Five amazing kids-this woman deserves a trophy.
You can tell by the smile on Camryn's face how much she loves her Grandma Motley.

I am a lucky man. Happy Mother's Day.


v a n e s s a said...

this was so touching. and i agree, your wife is smokin hot and it's obvious why both of you are so good looking - look at those moms! i hope you have that yellow shirt pic framed on your desk at work, she looks gorgeous.

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

It is true, Erica is a stunning beauty. I'm one of those people that stares because, Erica, you are beautiful. Good job for such an awesome post Ryan. Major brownie points for sure. :) Happy Mother's Day Erica.

Brenda said...

I don't know whether to thank you for the post or kill you. Do you have that picture of me?!? Give it back so I can put it in the closet where it belongs.

You are the sweetest and kindest boy, and greatest husband and father.

I absolutely love the picture of Erica the ballerina! But I love Erica the mom even more. Her greatest attribute is her selflessness. She will always put you and Camryn before her own needs. Truly a beautiful mother. I love you all.

lauren ann said...

You are definitely surrounded by some amazing and HOTTT women... I want a copy of that pic of Brenda. That is amazing!

Carrie said...

What a nice post Ryan! Very sweet:)

Kathy said...

So sweet Ryan. What beautiful ladies in your life. And can we talk about what a babe your Mom was and is, wow!

Karen M. said...

Thanks Ryan for sharing such nice thoughts! I have to agree with your mom about confiscating pictures-that was seriously one of the worst periods of my life. Quite out of touch with reality due to extreme lack of sleep. Your wife is amazing-you are one very lucky man!

Jessica said...

You are the luckiest. She is beautiful inside and out. Is that too cliche? Probably, but if you mean it it's okay! I love the picture with her and Camryn, it is really sweet.

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