Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Arizona: Greg & Lindsey's Wedding

Ryan's not so baby brother, Greg, got married so we headed out to Arizona for the all the fun.
The gorgeous couple themselves at the Rehearsal Dinner the day before the wedding. Lindsey is one of the most photogenic people I know-much like my other SIL Lindsay...must be the name. Can't say the same about Camryn in this picture-she was like this the whole night.
Ryan's dad and 3 of his 7 siblings. They all look like twins can't get over that no matter how many times I see them.
Me and my new SIL-couldn't love her more!
Ryan's bro Jake, and his beautiful GF Nici. Hope we get to see more of her-hold on to this one Jaker.
Me and the Hubs
The sealing was so beautiful and great reminder of ours. The Mesa Temple is so pretty. Too bad I have no pictures of it. But at least I got this cute one.
We hadn't seen what Camryn's dress looked like until we got to the reception and we were all dying at how cute it turned out!
Even Camryn was obsessed and kept saying "cute me." Lindsey is super crafty and made the flower and almost everything else for the wedding.
Love this Grandma & Granddaughter picture. Brenda looked so pretty in that color!

Parents of the happy couple

I loved her dress so much and this cute little area for Italian Sodas-again she made that wall piece-so creative.
And you must have 3 cakes-love them all!!!
I don't think I have ever seen Camryn as happy as she was the hour we danced and ran around the reception. Ryan and I slow danced with her and she could not wipe the smile off her face, dancing, family, music... is anything better than that? Not to her.
What they rode off in. It was one of Lindsey's dad's cars. The whole wedding was so beautiful and so well thought out! I am so excited for you Greg & Lindsey-you are the greatest! Congrats!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Big 3 Oh!

Hello, I'm 30 and here's how it went down. I told Erica a month or so ago that I wanted to have a big 30th birthday party. Erica said, "Shouldn't it be the spouse that plans the party?" It probably should, but I'm not normal and I know what I want. So I told her this is what I want:

1. I want an awesome cake-like an Ace of Cakes-type cake, and I wanted it to be blue and some how incorporate candy.
2. I wanted a candy bar, not one one single candy bar, but a bar full of candy
3.I wanted my dad to make his amazing street tacos and have a full Mexican station of food.
4. I had this crazy obsession with building a jousting platform over the pool and do some American Gladiator-style jousting
5. I wanted games
6. I wanted all my friends to be there

At this point I left it up to my wife--she's the most amazing wife in the entire world, and I had the best party anyone could ever ask for. I also want to let my friends know how much I love them. When I say I love my friends, I really mean I love my friends. Some of them even came from out of state and way out of town to make it and it meant so much to me-it wouldn't have been a party without them. Please enjoy these ridiculous pictures.
Cake compliments of Amy Welch and Erica's "sweet" eye for design
The best candy bar ever, all of my favorites (yes, blue gummy sharks are on the list)
The Beverage Bar... Mormon style
My sexy sister in law (I'm allowed to say that) that sacrificed the opening performance of her concert to come to the fiesta.
Meet the Foulgers-two of the best people I've ever met in my life (and best looking). You'll see a lot more of them on blogs to come-we're so happy they are here.
I think I prayed this couple back into CA. Jenny and I went to Torrey Pines together and not only does she have the best smile and personality, but she married the coolest guy. They make any party entertaining
Matt and Alia my buddy and boss from work-I invited him so he wouldn't fire me. Just kidding, he's one of the coolest guys I know and they are just rad.
We still have so much candy, please come over and eat some.
One of the first minute to win it games. Using only your nose and transferring as many cotton balls from one bowl to another with only vaseline...
I won-eight in a minute-beat that
Game 2-using only your mouth and keeping both feet on the ground, you had to transfer the descending sized bags from the ground to the table. Jenny wasn't the best and her husband showed her up.
Kirby (almost 5 months pregnant) almost showed everyone up. Check out the dedication in her stance.
Mia struggled to even get three, but she did look stylish trying
Please don't try this at home...actually please do-it's real funny. Way to go Erica

I put this picture in here to show you that Tim actually does look normal because in Game 3-only using your face muscles to transfer two cookies from your forehead to your mouth-well see for yourself...
My wife dies laughing every time she sees these pics
Check out the concentration...
I'm sure Kirby will hate that I used this picture, but you can see how cute she is below
The Fish's, expecting a baby boy and traveling all the way from AZ to the party. I love these guys like family
The famous one could beat Scott, maybe because his legs come up to everyones shoulders. Note to husbands-if your wives keep looking at this blog it's not because they are interested-Scott is in shape , we all know it so quit staring-personality counts too right Erica?
Mike-thanks for letting me beat you
Best Birthday Ever-30 ain't so bad

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bridge to Nowhere Hike-Dedicated to Jake & Vienna

Labor Day we had Lauren and Mike come up and stay the night and planned out our hike. Which meant Camryn had a sleep over with Grandma & Grandpa. After talking to some friends they recommended this hike. As it turns out the hike's destination is the Bridge to Nowhere aka the bridge Jake and Vienna Bungee jumped off of. Clearly this bridge had foreseen things to come with their relationship.
The hike was about 10 miles, but the whole time you are crossing back and forth over this river. Definitely what makes the hike.
Love these guys-so glad we get to have them here for at least 8 more months (but we hope longer)! True hikers wear flip-flops and tough it out-and not have soggy feet like Ryan and I-amateurs.
But then again this is what they got, don't know which is worse.
I was bummed there were no bungee jumpers-apparently they only do it on Sat & Sun.
When we got to the bridge we then hiked back down to the river and took a dip-freezing but so refreshing. Then we found a spot deep enough to jump off the rocks. So fun! And tennis shoes and hot right now.

The water was so clear it was pure torture not being able to drink it, especially when we didn't bring near enough water. Such a fun way to spend Labor Day without Camryn, you realize you can't just do a 10 mile hike with an almost 2 year old.