Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bridge to Nowhere Hike-Dedicated to Jake & Vienna

Labor Day we had Lauren and Mike come up and stay the night and planned out our hike. Which meant Camryn had a sleep over with Grandma & Grandpa. After talking to some friends they recommended this hike. As it turns out the hike's destination is the Bridge to Nowhere aka the bridge Jake and Vienna Bungee jumped off of. Clearly this bridge had foreseen things to come with their relationship.
The hike was about 10 miles, but the whole time you are crossing back and forth over this river. Definitely what makes the hike.
Love these guys-so glad we get to have them here for at least 8 more months (but we hope longer)! True hikers wear flip-flops and tough it out-and not have soggy feet like Ryan and I-amateurs.
But then again this is what they got, don't know which is worse.
I was bummed there were no bungee jumpers-apparently they only do it on Sat & Sun.
When we got to the bridge we then hiked back down to the river and took a dip-freezing but so refreshing. Then we found a spot deep enough to jump off the rocks. So fun! And tennis shoes and swimsuits...so hot right now.

The water was so clear it was pure torture not being able to drink it, especially when we didn't bring near enough water. Such a fun way to spend Labor Day without Camryn, you realize you can't just do a 10 mile hike with an almost 2 year old.


Chase and Nichole said...

How fun! I miss hiking! I used to love it! Nothing like a long hike and then you get to jump into cool and clear water! Kinda like a little cenote in So Cal. Glad Camryn got to have a sleep over the the Grandparents. Isn't it so nice our girls are old enough now that they can do that? I can't believe I will have to start all over again with another little baby... So are you guys working on number two anytime soon ;)

P.S. You always have the cutest bathing suits!! You are a hot mama!

nikki said...

Your weekend looks like it turned out fun! Always good to be outside in nature and to shuttle little ones off to the grandparents.

MediocreMama said...

RIP Jake and Vienna.

That hike looks awesome.

Carrie said...

Looks like a fun day! I totally know the feeling of how clear water looks and probably cold...and you wish you could just drink it up! A bit torturous...especially if you didn't have enough water!

Amy said...

Love that hike! How beautiful! I want to do that hike now too, minus my children. Would you ever bungee? Me... not so much. I would however jump off those rocks, what fun!

Kathy said...

Fun! I am so jealous of all you guys getting to live in California!
You and Lauren look amazing!

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

I'm spying on your blog, hope you dont mind. How do you know the Gharring's? They were in our ward in San Diego.

lauren ann said...

I am trying to figure out how this is my first time seeing this post... I guess being a slave to "the man" really interferes with my blogstalking time.
SUCH a fun hike- you guys definitely win for the best Labor Day activity planning.We had a blast- thanks for showing us the ropes in Cali! Also, Erica, you really are the only person I can think of that looks hottt in tennys and a swimsuit. What can't you pull off?