Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Trip As The Unemployed

We needed one last vacation before Ryan starts his new job-so we hit up Park City for the 4th! I love Utah in the summer time and the 4th there really is so much more patriotic.
Stopping at J Dawgs is a must. So much so we ate there twice.
This little girl was excited for a break from the car
Once up to PC we went on a 5+ mile walk/hike to the park & pond. Where else do you get trails that cover most of the city.
We really wanted to do the alpine slide at PC Resort, but we resorted to the carousal. Camryn begged to go on it and then immediately flipped out and hated the whole ride. She would only stay on if I rode with her. However, she still talks about this white horse that goes up and down-little does she know she actually hated it.
Too go along with her obsession we took her to see some real horses. Again loves the white ones but hates getting too close.
The owners were nice enough to let us feed them carrots & said that we could come back anytime. Not sure they knew what they were getting themselves into.
On the 3rd we went down to Provo for the Freedom festival since Utah pretty much tried to all the festivities before Sunday. We hung out with Greg and his fiance Lindsey and Camryn got to have soda! Let's just say she likes it as much as her parents do.
Our good friends Shaun and Annette were nice enough to let us crash their friend's BBQ. These guys are the greatest.
Oddly enough (especially for Utah) we were the only ones with a kid. Luckily Camryn kept herself confided.
After the BBQ we headed back to PC and watched the fireworks from our favorite park shot off from the Canyons Resort. Even without a nap Camryn stayed awake and loved the whole experience.
On the 4th we made a yummy dinner for Jake, Greg and Lindsey.
Love this face.
Monday morning there was a parade in the near by town of Oakley. Camryn was in heaven with all the horses and candy! (Camryn tripped the night before hence the scab)
Then we met up with Greg and Lindsey for bowling in Heber. This place was awesome.The food was great and so cool that everything is the same from the time it opened.
Caught in the act.
The cute couple
Good lookin bowler
Camryn had so much fun
Dinner with Lauren & Mike and Greg, Allice & baby Finn-love these guys and so glad they both will be living closer!
Thanksgiving Point with Nicole and Brielle. We hadn't ever done The Farm Country before we were excited to have Camryn ride a real pony for free but she was so scared so she just watched Brielle and but we did then we have our first horse carriage ride-again she hated it-but then loved it! She is such a faker! I think it was good to see Brielle be so brave.
After a week we decided we should up back home. We even got to stay with Chris and Linds in Vegas and Lou and Layth in St George. Let's just say we have some great friends and fam and are so grateful for how fun and great they are! Now it is back to the real world. Don't know how I feel about it!


Nichelle said...

what the heck! what's the job??? and more importantly where??? CONGRATULATIONS!!! you've given me hope since we've been unemployed for a few months now. camryn is the most GORGEOUS thing i've ever seen! that picture of her face up close, you need to enter that into some baby gap ads or something. and the one where she's pushing the buttons on the bowling screen kills me. she really looks like she got caught doing something naughty. i love her!

Nichelle said...

that's so cool you guys had josh groban over for dinner on the 4th!

Amanda said...

Camryn is totally like Ethan when it comes to animals and stuff. He'll act so excited and then I'll say, "Do you want to pet the horse?" and he'll totally freak out and say no. What is with these kids? He actually did ride the pony at Thanksgiving Point and LOVED it. I was really surprised.

So yeah, what is this new job?

Vicki said...

Camryn is absolutely adorable. And with her love of white horses, it sounds like it is time to teach her Grandpa Smart's best car-ride game "white horse".

The Davenports said...

Fun trip!! Getting back to the real world is bitter sweet, I miss the unemployed life,it was fun while it lasted. And it sems like you guys had a lot of fun too. Where will you guys be moving?

Cody said...

Soo jealous. This looked like the funest trip ever. Did you guys know Nikki was up there through the fourth? Tell Ryan to call me, I wanna hear about this new j-o-b.

Carrie said...

Looks like lots of fun! Now that I'm a hot dog fan...those jdaws sound good...not that they didn't before because I'd never heard of them before your blog ~ but I was salivating thinking about them! So wierd, I know!

Camryn looks like she's grown up even since we saw you! Cute little neck and chin!

Lezlie said...

I have always thought the little Cam kind of looks more like Ryan, but OH MY GOSH!!! this first one of her in the gray is a PERFECT combo of the both of you! She is soooo beautiful!

david + vanessa said...

i think i spy some hoop earrings on erica. i'm glad to see she's keeping it hood like me. also i love the faces camryn makes in all these pictures. david says as soon as he get's let go and we start collecting unemployment we'll be able to come visit. but i say before the summer's over.

lauren ann said...

man I had not idea that you guys did SO much stuff while you were here. Looks like a party!! So glad we got to see you guys, and can't wait to do it some more!
Love the Smarts

cody said...

have to leave a comment since another "Cody" did and we might be confused for each other. I definitely wouldn't be able to jump over a bench like that. Sounds like you had a great time. We were just wondering what we were going to do for a week up there and now we have some ideas. I agree with Nichele's comment except before I saw her's I was thinking Wierd Al Yankovic was at the head of the table.

Brittany Simmons said...

what a fun trip! i need to go to Park City soon. Glad you had fun- missed you on the 4th. Let's get together soon :)

Jessica said...

Ah, I love Utah in the Summer too. I miss it like crazy. Looks like you guys had ana amazing trip. Good luck adjusting back to real life;)