Monday, April 26, 2010

Visit to Sea World with The Motley's

My brother Chris, SIL Lindsay, nephew Hudson and niece Georgia came down to San Diego this past weekend. They stayed with us Thursday night and then we headed to Sea World on Friday.
Camryn with her cuz Hudson at the Sea Lion show. He is almost exactly 6 months older than Camryn, it is so fun having close in age cousins.
Here is the picture. How cute are they? Why are parents such a sucker for pictures like this?
Back to it...
Hudson has been obsessed with whales, dolphins and turtles lately so his parents thought it would be a perfect B-day present to come to Sea World. He was obsessed to say the least.
Camryn didn't mind it all that much either.
And here is Georgia! I am not sure if Georgia had more fun watching the shows or having Camryn fuss over her every move. She was so obsessed with the Georgia and is still asking where the baby is.
Ryan and Lindsay posing with the kids at the dolphin pool. I think we spent a good hour here. Trying to call the dolphins over to us. Hudson would put his hand out and say "here dolphin, dolphin..." No luck, but real cute.
The whole Motley family-for those who wanted to see Chris and Georgia
We tried to get a picture of the dolphins jumping in the background, again no luck. Better luck next time.
I think by far Camryn's favorites were the sharks. She could have stayed in this spot all day and threw the best fit when we had to leave. I do have to say this was probably the best shark aquarium I have seen. Very clean water and glass. Good job Sea World.
After lots of time in the backpack/stroller we took a break and let the kids run around the play area. They ran themselves ragged. It was so nice to have a place like this for them and for us adults to sit and chat.
We went all out from 11-5, Camryn had mild issues and Hudson had close to no issues. But finally just as we were getting ready to leave Hudson kept saying "all done, all done" and Camryn passed out. It was such a fun day with these guys. And we can't wait to go back, since we got the whole rest of the year free! So it worked out perfect just as our Zoo passes were expiring. Too bad they won't be able to make it down every time we want to go! Happy Birthday Hudson! Glad we got to be apart of your fun day!


lauren ann said...

looks like a good time... you guys do a great job of making me REALLY excited to move to Cali!

lauren ann said...
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Atherly Family said...

I LOVE Sea World. Save a date for us to join you there. I'm loving Hudson's hair!! No pics of Georgia though, what's up with that? Very cute cousins and I'm glad you got to hang out with the illusive Motley's.

Atherly Family said...

PS I really like your new background too.

abbie said...

ok about the sequined sandals for babies on your website... i can't find them??

Karen M. said...

How fun to spend the day together! I love Sea World and was quite jealous not to be there. So tell us how cute Georgia is since there are no pictures. Can't wait to give Camryn my own hug next week!

Carrie said...

What a fun outing! And yes, we are sad to see no Georgia pictures! Aren't you lucky to be so close to everyone and getting to have lots of visits! Can't wait to see you all next week!

Brenda said...

Georgia and Hudson look like twins a few years a part!

Karen said...

I'm so sorry I missed your shoe party at Brendas. I had to tutor an SAT student very late. I will order some shoes on-line for Julie and me.

with love,
ps It was fun to see Nichelle, Julie and Sally all pregnant at Julie's house----Ryan would laugh