Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Wife Hates Me

While I wait for my wife to get back I figured I would take the time to solicit some feedback. Every year I do something weird that makes my wife question why she ever married me--okay actually probably once a week. I remind her how special I am all the time. Right now my new thing is becoming a Vegetarian for the month of January (she's real annoyed by it). My boss gave me a book called Skinny Bastard (maybe as a hint). The book is extremely interesting-a little crazy and innapropriate, but interesting. You pretty much feel like everything you eat will kill you. It slightly encourages you to become a vegan, but preaches vegetarian-ism. I thought it was time to give my diet of In and Out, Airheads, and Diet Coke with Lime a deserving rest and try something new with edible items that actually grow from the ground with natural color instead of in test tubes with color like Blue Lake #7 (that's my favorite--usually blue raspberry).

I am going to cut down on dairy as well--read the book and you'll see why. I will also drink water, which I hate with a passion. What I need from our audience are quick vegetarian items you all eat that I can make quickly. Here are a list of some things I hate so don't include them in your response (this also makes my wife angry, I tell her I have white trash taste buds, it's not my fault).
-sourdough bread (maybe one day keep eating that coconut)
-any type of vinegarette dressing
-cooked carrots
The list could go on, but those are the main items.

I will also start up my p90x routine-I would enjoy it more if it didn't have pull-ups. I have to run to the other room to do them, my ceilings are low, plus I have to get a little step stool because I can't do one on my own-it's all very discouraging.

That's it, please let the advice (and encouragement) commence. I may do "before and after" photos in a couple months, but I'm not sure if my self esteem is up for just a "before" photo right now. Just imagine a popcicle stick then slide a marshmallaw around the center where the stomach would be. grab a couple smaller ones and slide them up where the glutius maximus would be located. Now dress it up in cool clothes that are just a little too tight because the popsicle stick can't afford clothes that fit. Granted this popcicle stick is extremely fun to hang out with and has a great personality... Thanks for your help.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I do love my toddler...

This post is for me because I had the roughest day ever with Camryn! I tried to get some Christmas shopping done and it was a nightmare. Then once home she continued to be a terror and bite and hit! So after putting her in her crib to cry for the second time. I had to take a step back and remember that I do love this crazy girl.
Her accessories of choice these days-she begs to have these items on all day long!
A trip to the farm and I loved her pose. Walking back from getting the mail-perfect portrail of her personality. Just happy to be walking around and in her own world.Ryan and I find Camryn here quite often these days. She loves having a perfectly sized chair just for her.
I knew Camryn would hate Santa but there wasn't a line and I thought that it would be funny to capture her pure and total terror! Parents are so cruel!
Thanks for helping remember why I love this hilarious cute little girl!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

FREE Gift Wrapping

Merry Christmas!
In honor of this holiday season I am offering FREE gift wrapping with your Twigg online order.
Also, we all know how cold it has been lately so don't forget that we have boots for the winter! For only $30! Go here to place your order.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Delayed Thanksgiving Post

It has been over a week ago now but I am just getting around to putting pictures up of Thanksgiving. Don't judge me. We had a great Thanksgiving and really enjoyed spending time with Ryan's family, getting to meet Greg's darling girlfriend and seeing friends.This Thanksgiving was a little bit different as The Smart's are in the process of renovating their home. Which meant minimal furniture, fridge in the garage, dinner outside and most importantly NO dishwasher! Let me tell you that we all took turns but probably took 3 hours to clean up...but it sure was good food. However, I am still not sure if all the fuss is worth such a quick sit down, eat and then it's over. Don't tell Ryan.

Friday we took advantage of the nice weather and headed to the Zoo. It was really crowded but it was fun going as a family some of the family hadn't ever been. Glad we were able to change that! And now Grandma and Grandpa have an annual pass so they will be joining us more often!

A great advantage of having Grandpa there is to carry Camryn in the backpack. He loved it because it was the one time she didn't cry because he was holding her. Such a sweet face.

Greg and Ryan being cheese balls and Camryn could care less because she is mesmerized by the Flamingos.

Later that night we were able to meet up with a bunch of friends at Fidel's for some din din and catch up. Man I wish everyone lived closer! What a fun group.

Don't know how we did it but we managed to get a family picture before Jake had to get back to law school. Sad he had to leave so soon. And how good does Whitney look for being 6 months pregnant?! You seriously couldn't even tell she was prego. We are so excited to have another girl cousin!

On Saturday we headed to Julian with Mia and Nate. It is a cute little old mining town that is known for their apple pie. (And let me tell you they should be known for their pumpkin apple pie and apple cider! So good!) We heard it would be cold but figured it was only an hour and half from SD so how cold could it really be? 38 degrees cold! We were not prepared! Camryn ended up wearing Mia's extra pair of mittens on her feet! But aside from the cold we had a great time. And it was great to be able to see some snow and feel as though it is actually winter.

Getting warm in candy shop and enjoying Smarties. Luckily Brenda had gotten this coat just before otherwise we would have had nothing warm for her.

Showing that was actually snow! Can you see the mittens on her feet here?

Thanks Mia and Nate for showing us such a fun place to visit! Next time we will be more prepared. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are getting ready for Christmas in 3 weeks!