Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween

We decided we would get ready for next weekend and go to a pumpkin patch and Halloween party. Usually people choose to go to a place close by, we chose to be adventurous and drive aways to a pick and pull farm. We got lost a couple times, it was insanely crowded and warm but we ended up having a good time. Bates Nut Farm was the place and we plan to make it an annual tradtion but next time we won't go the Saturday before Halloween. It is so fun having a reason to go to a pumpkin patch now that we have a kid! Great excuses for getting to do things I have always wanted.

After we were inviteheaded to the Simmons for a Halloween Party. The kids dressed up and enjoyed playing together while us adults chatted, had good food and craved pumpkins. I was so surprised how interested she was in what I was doing. So cute.

Here is how they all turned out! Ours is the one on the far right. I went for a happy version of a Jack O Lantern with Camryn teeth but I think it kinda looks like Mickey Mouse.

All the girls and kids with our pumpkins. The owl is awesome! And don't the kids look cute?! I love this holiday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Date Nights

The last two weekends we were able to cash in our tickets and have some great dates. Pretty great to be able to spend time with Ryan and for Grandma to spend time with Camryn.

First up was the Jason Mraz concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Not only was it an amazing concert but the venue was gorgeous! Jason Mraz is great on his albums but live is WAY better! That voice is unreal! I hate not having talents, but luckily we can pay to enjoy other people's talents.

The seats are cute little wooden park benches and you can bring in a picnic (in our case candy and sodas) and blankets. Such a fun night out!

Next up was Lion King in San Diego. We had heard really good things about this show from Ryan's mom who gave us the tickets and it didn't disappoint. In fact it was a million times better than we could have planned for! The costumes, the music and the story...all amazing. Ask Ryan I cried like the whole time. I know I am a baby but there is just something about watching performance and the thrill of the stage. I get all nostalgic. I wish I could be up there singing and dancing with them, eventhough I was never that good and will never be that good.

My advice go pick up a Jason Mraz CD, or if your hi-tech unlike us download his album and go see Lion King. You'll be happy you did. Thanks for such fun dates Ryan and Brenda for babysitting!

Camryn's Big Day

This little squirt did it...she turned ONE! So we decided to celebrate with Grandpa and Grandma Smart, Brittany, Derek and Jack and Mia and Nate.
She actually had a lot of fun opening her presents and playing with all of her awesome new toys!
And I had a lot of fun making these for our little Monkey.
But then she got real shy when we sang to her...
and she wasn't sure about the taste...
so then she squished it together and then thought about it again...

And she decided she liked it better in her hair more than in her mouth! Well I guess that is what you get from a big ONE year old girl. Thanks everyone for your sweet notes, presents and thoughts! Happy Birthday again little cutie!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Camryn!

One year ago you were born at 4:45 pm today! Boy was that a crazy experience! But you made it safe and sound and it has been a blast with you ever since! You are such a fun loving little girl! Who would have thought being your parents would be SO much fun! We want to record something you are up to these days....

~Your two top teeth are coming in
~You weigh close to 20 lbs...lucky you get to turn around in the car
~You sign thank you, please, more, drink, and eat
~You love to wave hi and bye-bye and blow kisses to everyone and every dog you see
~You say no-no, uh-oh, whoa, and wow
~You say boo for a cow, caw-caw for a crow and ba-ba-ba for a sheep
~You love to dance to every song (sorry to say your favorite is Poker Face by Lady Gaga) and you love when we sing to you
~You are crawling all over the place (had your first incident with the stairs-not fun) and cruising along everything but are too scared to let go off the one hand you need to balance.
~You throw a pretty good tanturm and scream like a girl
~You love to eat everything especially fruit and completely weaned yourself off nursing a couple weeks ago

~You love your mom's jewelry, you say whoa and wow whenever you see my accessories
There is much more to your little personality but most of all we love you! And are so happy you are apart of our family forever! We can't wait for another fun year with you! Happy Birthday Pumpkins! Here is a look back at some pictures from the year:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Twigg Shoe Party

My first shoe party was a hit! We all had so much fun trying on shoes, eating and of course chatting!

Thanks everyone for all your help and support! I look forward more parties in the future! Stock up on these styles now...they are selling fast!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend with the Animals and the Fishes

We got a last minute visit from the Fish's...always a fun thing! Thursday night Kirby was able to help out with my shoe party (more on that later); it was so much fun and great to have the extra help! While Ryan and Scott went and played tennis and hot tubbed. Best of both worlds! Friday morning we headed off to The Wild Animal Park. All four of us had never been and having free passes gave us every reason to go check it out! Way cooler than I thought it would be! The San Diego Zoo is hard to top, but I kinda feel this out does it hands down. Or maybe it was just the good company and the fact that Camryn is starting to appreciate all the animals.

Since our camera is being fixed we were able to use Scott and Kirby's, which is WAY nicer. Man we need one like theirs!

Scott petting an African Deer. We were so fascinated by this, minus Kirby who wouldn't dare touch them! You can feed them leaves and they are SO nice but extremly scratchy!
Trying to get proof that they eat from your hand and that Camryn liked them, didn't work out all that well!

Inside the Aviary. Don't worry that this bird ate a hole in Ryan's shirt and then right after this picture was taken the birds freaked out and 20+ birds flew over our heads squawking. I am pretty sure we all got peed on!

This place is so cool because you really are able to see the animals so well and not blocked by huge fences. They have SO much room to roam and makes for great pictures. Each time Camryn saw an animal she says, "Whoa! Wow!" She gets so excited. Too bad we saw all these cool African animals and she still loves flamingoes and ducks the most!

Checking out a jaguar she is getting way too old! She is also back to pulling out her bows again. At least her hair is starting to finally come in though now!

The rest of the weekend went from hanging out at the Romney's beach house in La Jolla right on the beach to a garage sale the next day! Couldn't be more opposite! But I did make $350! Thanks to my MIL who is redoing their house, I got half! Hopefully it wan't too boring for Kirby and Scott since we spent most of the day hanging out and shopping at the outlets. It was so great having these guys in town to watch conference with, laugh a lot and have great conversation! We love them to death and wish they lived closer!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Arrival at Twigg

This new addition to the Twigg selection is only $30 online or $28 at a party!

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