Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Camryn!

One year ago you were born at 4:45 pm today! Boy was that a crazy experience! But you made it safe and sound and it has been a blast with you ever since! You are such a fun loving little girl! Who would have thought being your parents would be SO much fun! We want to record something you are up to these days....

~Your two top teeth are coming in
~You weigh close to 20 lbs...lucky you get to turn around in the car
~You sign thank you, please, more, drink, and eat
~You love to wave hi and bye-bye and blow kisses to everyone and every dog you see
~You say no-no, uh-oh, whoa, and wow
~You say boo for a cow, caw-caw for a crow and ba-ba-ba for a sheep
~You love to dance to every song (sorry to say your favorite is Poker Face by Lady Gaga) and you love when we sing to you
~You are crawling all over the place (had your first incident with the stairs-not fun) and cruising along everything but are too scared to let go off the one hand you need to balance.
~You throw a pretty good tanturm and scream like a girl
~You love to eat everything especially fruit and completely weaned yourself off nursing a couple weeks ago

~You love your mom's jewelry, you say whoa and wow whenever you see my accessories
There is much more to your little personality but most of all we love you! And are so happy you are apart of our family forever! We can't wait for another fun year with you! Happy Birthday Pumpkins! Here is a look back at some pictures from the year:


nikki said...

What a sweetie pie! Isn't so crazy how fast a year goes? I always think it's so neat how they have only been with you for a short year, but they feel like they have been with you for forever!!

I like all the cute things about her that you wrote. She is such a happy, fun little girl!

cody said...

Happy Birthday little niece! See you guys in a month.

Amanda said...

She is just darling. Maybe Ethan has a shot with her 20 years from now! She's probably already betrothed though. Happy B-day Cam. Hope you guys had fun and caught some pics of her with a cake/cupcake or whatever she ate to celebrate!

Erin and James said...

wow. happy birthday to her! I can't believe she is one now! she is so adorable!

Carrie said...

I second Nikki's comment:) I love how families grow and it seems wierd to not have had them before! Camryn is such a doll! Totally love her dark hair. The baby signs is the best. Love love love when they do that! Sean loves Poker Face too...totally surprised me when he asked for it one day!

Yay for turning around in the car! Can't wait to see you guys!

Amy said...

UGH! I just totally left a comment and it didn't work! I'll try to recreate it.

Isn't the first year of life so incredible. It's amazing how many things they learn and how fast they grow. She's a sweetie! Now that she is 1 you'll have to start thinking about baby #2! Totally kidding!! But that's what people will start asking you so be prepared.

Chase and Nichole said...

She is such a cutie pie! Hope her birthday was fun! She is such a big girl now and really is so beautiful. Brielle can throw a pretty good tantrum herself, I think her terrible two's are starting now! Ha. Happy birthday Camryn! I can't wait to see you guys again one day!

Brenda said...

Not much more to say than: I love you little one. No one could have explained the joy of becoming a grandmother, and I'm glad I'm yours.

Kirby said...

Happy Birthday Camryn!! We love you and are so glad you were born!! :)

Karen M. said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! It is hard to believe that a whole year has gone by. It's amazing to watch you grow even if it is through pictures and videos. Can't wait to see all your new tricks soon! You are one lucky girl to have such loving and caring parents!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Camryn! She is such a cutie and just gets cuter every day. Ryan, you are going to have to fight off all the boys when she turns 16. :)