Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Latest from Us

We went to So You Think You Can Dance?! The day before I was leaving my parents Ryan texted and said that we got tickets to go see my all time favorite show! We had plans to leave for Utah the same night but I would not miss this for the world so we put our trip off for the next day. We invited our friends Dan and Heather to come with and I was glad to see they were just as psyched as I was! The tickets said to get there by 4:30 at the latest and it was extremely unfortunate to see that a line had already been started and that they were already letting people in! So I did what I do best...I figured out a way to get up to the front. I am not usually proud of this but in this case it was a do or die situation and I have no regrets! Did I mention that these weren't our tickets? They were our friend Cody's and he sent them overnight from Vegas along with his ID!!! Very legal. So not only did I cut in line but we were also using someone elses information. Luckily we cared the situation out flawlessly and it was just a matter of waiting to see if we were in or not. Apparently having tickets does not grauntee that you will get in. Word to the wise go really early if you can! So we got in but we were like the last people they lwt in so we were in the way back! Here is Ryan and Dan...just their backs, they only thing that was even shown throught the whole show! Ryan is in theBlack striped shirt and Dan is in the white shirt next to him; us girls are in front but you can't see us.

We didn't care though, it was awesome! I loved seeing the ins and outs to the show. It was great to see that the show is pretty much live expect for a few minor slip ups from Cat or the Judges. Cat is just as pretty in person but not as tall as she looks. She does however have ladies come out to touch up her make up and give her diet coke through a straw with an umbrella! So cute. Man I love this show! Here is Ryan and I re-invention of the Sonya dance where Melissa wore hot pink.

The next morning we woke up early to head out to Utah. When we got there we met up with Greg and Allice and their cute little Gus! He is so cute and it is so fun that he and Camryn are so close in age. We loved meeting up with them since they are living in South Carolina for another year.
The next day I headed to the Gateway to do some shopping while Ryan worked out some last minute details for his big HS reunion! Camryn loved watching the water show. She is such a good shopping partner.

Then we met up with our great friends Tim and Katie at the Cougareat! Yup the Cougareat! Tim is taking a class to help with the Bar at BYU and so that is where we met. Talk about some old memories. And we randomly ran into both of Ryan's brother on campus too! It was great to catch up with those guys and we are so happy they will be having their baby boy out by us! We also made sure we to tell Camryn that this is where she will be 18 years from now.

Since we were down in Provo I had Ryan get me a J Dawg. I don't normally like hot dogs but boy are these good!

Then we headed to Oakley with Mike and Lauren Foulger to this crazy little diner out in the middle of no where. Extremely quiant and cute, but my BLT came out with only lettuce and bread and everyone else's messed up in some way...poor Ruby. It was worth it to us since we try and get our fill of hanging out with friends since we don't have any near by at home. Lauren and Mike are so awesome, we hope they come visit us soon! Don't mind our not so great pic it was the timer.

Friday was a sunny day so we got out and for a long walk in Park City. This time of year makes me want to live up there; so GREEN!

Later on we met up with Tom and Alana, swung by the family picnic portion of the reunion and then visited with Ryan's Grandma in Tooele. Yes, we ate out a ton and saw so many people!

Then Saturday was the day! The stressful day arrived. Ryan was the Senior Class President (yeah, I am a little embarrassed) so he had to plan the whole thing. Luckily he had some great help from his officers. It turned out great and tons of people showed up and I think everyone had a good time. Thankfully I knew several couples and Mike Cunningham came to take pictures so I didn't feel completely out of water. These are some of Ryan's HS girlfriends. Just kidding and don't worry they are all happily married. It was really fun to see Ryan's relationships with everyone I wish I had that with half the amount of people at my school. Ryan's starvation I think really paid off doesn't he look great?! Ryan will be posting more of his reunion later on.

It was such a great trip I could have stayed longer but at least we were able to stop in St. George to visit Ryan's cousins Lou and Layth. They just bought a beautiful new house and made us a great dinner before we headed the rest of the way. We are excited for their baby boy to come and for many more visits with them! What is next for us? Stay tuned.


Karen M. said...

I still can't believe you got to go to the show! How cool is that? Too bad you had to stand for so long. I'm glad you showed us the documentation that you were actually there. We tried looking for you while we were watching but would never have found that shot. You are very lucky guys! I'm glad the Utah trip turned out so good. You are very blessed to have such a great traveling baby!

Erin and James said...

i am so jealous that you got to go see that show! that is my dream to go see it! what a fun and busy trip!

The Davenports said...

You were in Utah! Looks like it was a jam packed trip, I wish I could have seen you but maybe next time, actually we are moving so maybe we will catch up with you guys in California! I still have yet to meet Camryn.

Lauren said...

I am so glad we got to hang out with you guys.... such good times. Ruby was a struggler, but at least the conversation made up for the LT sandwich. I actually am pretty impressed with the self-timed camera-on-top-of-car pic. Let's do it again soon por favor! Can't to hear all the reunion stories..
PS I love the Sonya dance reinvention.... those jazz hands are quite impressive

Brenda said...

Ryan, what an accomplishment to pull off your 10 year class reunion. I know how hard you worked on that and how stressful it was, but in true form, you made it an enjoyable experience for everyone. I loved the picture of the darling girls from high school. They all look beautiful, and you look so handsome. And Erica and Camryn are as beautiful as ever....that will never change. Yeah, I'm one proud mama and grandma. Love you all!

Chase and Nichole said...

I am glad you had so much fun in Utah and at Ryan's reunion. I don't like hot dogs either but J Dawgs are the best. I have one every summer! That is awesom you went to So You THink You Can Dance! I use Camryn as an example to B a lot for how to act when we travel and she is in her carset. She screams her head off all the time!! Camryn is so good for all the traveling you do! And was that really Greg?? I would never have recognized him!

Alana said...

I can't believe you got to see so you think you can dance!!! I would LOVE to see it in person. Anyways it was great to see you both, great job Ryan on the reunion! Erica, I need to know where you got those cute pants you were wearing at the reunion! Great to see you guys as always!

Kathy said...

Fun! I love the picture of yours and Ryan's sweet dance move, haha.

nikki said...

Yay SYTYCD!!! I like that you posted documentation - we looked and looked but didn't find you. So exciting you got to go and I think it was the best show so far.

Good job on your reunion Ryan. It looks like you had a busy fun trip and saw lots of fun friends. Camryn is the best traveling baby ever!!

Missing you lots. Love you!

Brittany and Derek said...

lots to catch up on! ....sad I missed out on SYTYCD and sad I didn't see you on TV. Utah sounds like you had a blast- you are right- I too LOVE it this time of year! And Ryan's "starvation" did pay off! He showed them!

Lisa said...

That is awesome that you got to go to the show. That is our favorite too!! You guys are adorable!

cousin Lisa

Carrie said...

Well, you guys did a great job planning your stay getting to see so many friends! I'm super jealous of your tickets to SYTYCD! I'm not sure I typed that right... So glad I got to hear the details of getting into the show from Scott. Hilarious! So crazy that you were able to pull it off. I could have never thought to or actually pull it off! The BLT with only lettuce might be my favorite detail in there. So funny! I hope you sent it back!
I'm so curious, what is next for you? Stay tuned? What's up?