Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Got Tagged!!!!

8 favorite TV shows

1. Jon and Kate plus 8

2. Project Runway

3. So You Think You Can Dance

4. The Hills

5. Gossip Girl

6. ANTM-America's Next Top Model


8. Designed to Sell

I could keep going if I was allowed...I just love reality TV!

8 Things I did yesterday

1. Gave Camryn and Nugget a bath (separately)

2. Started reading Twilight

3. Went to Chipotle for lunch with Ryan and his co-worker in Irvine

4. Shopped at the Irvine Spectrum-Target, Forever 21 and For Love 21 and Urban Outfitters

5. Forgot to buckle Camryn's carseat after leaving the mall!!!! I'm the worst Mom ever!

6. Watched ANTM with Ryan

7. Changed lots of Diapers

8. Fed Camryn (I could use these last two as all 8 things I did yesterday)

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Camryn smiling at me.

2. Sleeping more through the night.

3. Getting more stuff done around the house.

4. Going to Sacramento for Thanksgiving with the whole family next week.

5. Fitting into all my pre-pregnancy clothes.

6. Ryan coming home.

7. Going to Park City for Christmas with all the Smart family and tons of friends

8. Going to Spain in March

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Chipotle

2. Canes Cantina

3. On the Border

4. Cheesecake Factory

5. Bajio

6. Cafe Rio

7. Flemings

8. White Lime-Frozen Yogurt (that counts right?)

We don't have a ton of good restaurants by us, so that was kinda tricky

8 Things on my wish list

1. A shopping spree to Anthropologie, Forever 21/For Love 21, and Nordstroms.

2. A gym membership to LA Fitness.

3. Have my pre-pregnancy body back.

4. Have the economy turn around so we don't lose money on our house.

5. Live closer to the coast.

6. All our family to live closer.

7. All our friends to live closer.

8. Go to New York and Hawaii.

I'm new at this, but apparently I'm supposed to tag 8 people. I won't be offended if you don't do this but it is actually kinda fun to think about for yourself. So I will have to tag Nikki Treese, Brittany, Heather Kunz, Kirby, Katie Johnson, Carrie, and Brooke and Whitney Davenport since they are new at blogging.


Nikki said...

Yay - you did the tag!! I love all your answers - I feel like I could answer a lot of the same. And I totally forgot you were going to Spain! So jealous.

P.S. I get to see you soon!

Cody said...

I hope your 8 favorite shows aren't in order! GG should be numero uno...

Erin and James said...

its fun to see what people have in common, like your wish list, restuarants and shows are basically what i would put! white lime frozen sounds amazing!

Amy said...

Funny how you could use feeding and changing diapers as all 8 things times 10 probablly. I remember those days. I need to start gearing up for it, don't I?

Michael and Megan said...

LOVE Jon and Kate, can't wait for the wedding tomorrow night!

doug said...

Hey Ryan and Erica- Found you through Liz and Travis. Your little girl is so cute. I love all of her hair!!! Congratulations, I'm glad you guys are getting out- I have so many friends who won't leave their house for SO LONG after having a baby.

Hope the transition is going well! You both look great.

Amber Doxey