Monday, November 23, 2009

Maui Wowi

We thought we would never make it. I got a bad case of the flu and a horrible bee sting on my foot, the next day Ryan got sick and the following day Camryn got sick. A few days later Camryn and I were feeling better and Ryan definitely had the Swine Flu. There was even discussion on whether or not he would be joining us. Oh did I mention that 3 days before we left the airline had no record of mine/Camryn's ticket (whole other story altogether). After 3 1/2 hour phone call to Wells Fargo Rewards for our ticket retrieval and Ryan finally kicking the pig (as he called it) we felt up to our trip. We seriously felt that we weren't supposed to go and Ryan even said that if he died that it would be on me...well luckily nothing happened except for a great vacation!
So here are our pictures-yes there are a lot!

After church. Mom, Ryan, me, Cam, Sis. Amy, Emma, BIL Mike, Owen and Dad
We stayed in my parents Westin timeshare in Ka'anpali. It was abosutely amazing. This is the view from our room one morning. Can you say picture perfect?!

Ryan enjoying his Shave Ice! Well actually it wasn't that good.
Playing at a local park, one of the first times she actually played! Now that she is walking it makes it more interesting for her.

Best cousins sharing a treat
She only liked playing in the water with dad.

Loving the slide on the pirate ship. Such a great pool for kids-well and us. We spent most of our days here.
Is that not the cutest bathing beauty you have ever seen?!
Ryan and I got to have a night out with Amy and Mike while my parents watched the kids. What a treat and the food, company and shopping was so great!Those are the timeshares in the background. It was such a great set up with the beach and pools right there.The besties playing in the sand. You thought Camryn was little? Nope! Emma is the tiniest cutest thing you have ever seen. Which was great because she was able to borrow swimsuits from this past summer. I love having a girl cousin so close in age!
Taking a break from snorkeling and playing in the sand.

More pool time
Our outing to the Maui Tropical Plantation. Look at these good lookin dads!

Iao Needle-short little hike but really cool mountains. Probably a small scale version of what Machu Picchu would look like.
Our last night on the Island my dad took us out to Leilani's for dinner. This was the view from our table. Again, not bad. Aren't my mom and dad so cute together?! They were so generous and amazing to allow us to stay with them! I hope we get invited back everytime!
The Atherly's-such a amazing family. It was so fun getting to know Emma and Owen better. This was the first time Huncle Ryan (as Owen called him) got to meet Emma. She is such a sweet little girl but is always on the move-she will be walking in no time! And Owen is the cutest kid. So smart and loves his Monster trucks! Our favorite was the way he spoke! We still repeat the things he said. We cannot wait until they are in Southern CA next July!
Our little fam. What a fun and memorable trip! So fun that we got to spend time away and with family. My dad's plan is all the adults and no kids in a few years! Let's just say we can't wait for that!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Arrivals at Twigg

After another visit to LA I have 3 more styles to add to the collection.
Flats have been selling like crazy.
Each one only $25 at a party or $28 online.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a Weekend

We started celebrating at Ryan's work Halloween Party. Ryan and I actually dressed up! He pretty much had too. So we chose the always easy cowboy and cowgirl. Camryn wore her costume most of the time but a stuffed sweatsuit monkey costume is not ideal for Southern CA weather. Camryn got her first tattoo, let me tell you how hard it was to get her to sit still. I think I got it to stay the second time around.
Friday night we went to our ward Halloween Party. Again the monkey was a hit however she was not happy for long and ended up looking like this...
Still cute with a pacifer!

We woke up Saturday morning with a fresh start and I made homemade chocolate chip pancakes dyed orange in all sorts of Halloween shapes! Let me tell you they were tasty! I hope to make this a Halloween tradition.

She got to have her first sucker! Now I know why all mothers give their kids them when they need to be good! She was in heaven! You could not pry that out of her grip if you tried. But at least she was willing to share.

She was such a fun cute little monkey. She had fun going door to door in our neighborhood and playing with Grandpa and Grandma Smart.

We finished the night off with a dance party before bed! She has increased her dance moves and I attribute it to her new little tutu! Who says you can't wear a tutu with your jamies? I can't wait until next year, each year will get more and more fun!