Monday, July 28, 2008

My First Baby Shower!

This past weekend my Mother-in-Law and good friends Brittany and Mia threw me my first baby shower! It was so much fun getting spoiled! We had a blast playing games, eating good food and chatting. Isn't that what showers are for? But my favorite part was getting all the amazing gifts for our little girl! This was the most amazing cake! The bakery is called"Nothing Bundt Cakes." I suggest that if you have one of these stores near by you need buy one of these bundt cakes. It is most delicious thing I ever eaten! And of course my MIL made it SO cute with her fresh flowers from her backyard.
I saw this present when I first walked in my In-laws House! How cute is that? It was so fun because I wasn't expecting it at all and up until now hadn't seen a craddle/bassinet that I have liked! I can't wait to have my baby in there!
This homemade quilt was just one of the many great gifts I got! And check out the cute onesie decorations in the window...I got to keep em! Oh, and thank you Brittany...I had to where a sash that says "MOM TO BE" on it! Got to love it!

Here is the lastest belly bump pic for those who have been asking to see an update. It's getting BIG! This is me at 28 weeks! I make my friend Katie look even smaller than she already is! Thanks again Mia, Brittany and Brenda for throwing me such a fun shower! And for everyone that came and for the awesome presents-I have the best friends and family!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July and Family Olympics

We were able to get the whole Motley Crew together in Pajaro Dunes for a fun and eventful 4th of July weekend! This is becoming a feat as there are 20 of us now and 1 more on the way! But my parents were so awesome and got us this 6 bedroom house right on the beach. Needless to say we had a lot of fun together under one roof.
Aren't we such a good looking family? We have the CUTEST nephews! I am not sure how our little girl will fit in with all these crazy boys.

Ryan must be proud of my belly (his hand is there in the last two pictures)! It is definitely getting bigger! This is just before we watched our neighbors set off illegal fireworks on the beach. We were too chicken to do it ourselves, so we were very glad they could provide the entertainment for the evening.

Now for some real entertainment! We decided that resting on the beach and watching the kids play in the sand would not be nearly as fun as doing a Family Olympics! And we were right! We each were on a team and picked a Country to represent...then we decorated our own t-shirts (who knew we were such artists, I wish we would have had some close ups on some of these) and then competed in 11 different events. Let's just say we don't mess around. Above is Team Greece and below is Team China.Some of the events included bubble gum blowing, long jump, hula hoop, water balloon toss, home run derby and a relay race! This is Team Japan...we were pretty hard core. I mean just look at Sean! And he is only 3...we train them early! Let's just say it may have taken time to plan this out but it ended up being so much fun and what a great memory.

Final Standings: China-Gold, Greece-Silver, Japan-Bronze

It was so great getting all of us together and spending time with everyone. We are so lucky to have such great families! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crib Bedding...why do you have to be SO ugly!

Is it necessary to have characters on everything a child owns? Especially when your baby has no idea what they are! Why is it so hard finding anything we like for the baby's nursery? Just because we are having a girl doesn't mean we have to decorate in pinks and purples with ballerinas and bears all over. Am I venting...yes, but I don't think I am alone on this. There has to be other alternatives to making the nursery what we have envisioned...right? Or do I have to make my own, which is what this is coming to? Please give me your advise and help me figure out why this process has to be SO difficult!